Tis’ the season for parties! These adorable Party Favor Bags are the perfect take-home for any little one. To make them you need mini party hats, wire cutters, tape or self-adhesive dots, pipe cleaners, clear cellophane favor baggies and stickers.
party-favor-bag-supplies Begin by folding the closed end of the clear baggie into a triangle. Secure the flaps with the self-adhesive dots or the tape.
party-favor-bag-triangle Next, place the point of the flaps into the mini party hat and use the tape to secure it to the bag.
party-favor-bag-hats Using your hand, open up the baggie and fill it with treats. Use the wire cutters to cut the pipe cleaners into 2 inch sections. Close the baggie by wrapping the cut pipe cleaner around the opening. Place the stickers on the front to create a face.
party-favor-bag Repeat this process until you have as many party favor bags as you need!