Let the countdown to Christmas begin! We decided to skip the construction paper and opt for a sparkly paper chain this year.  It matches Zelda’s nursery perfectly! The best part? Each link reveals a special snack that we can enjoy, and I’m sharing each recipe with you. Stay tuned for 25 days of treats! What’s your favorite way to count down to Christmas? paper-chain-paper To make a paper chain, begin by selecting your paper. paper-chain-strips Next, cut the paper into one inch thick strips. sparkle-paper-chain Using tape, secure a single strip into a circular link. Repeat this process linking each circle together until you’ve created 25 linked circles. IMG_9809 Countdown to Christmas Day 1: To make these pretzel wands you only need 4 ingredients! Simply dip the end of a pretzel rod into peanut butter, covering the end. Roll through mini chocolate chips and granola and enjoy!