zelda-rainbow Last week we sent Zelda over the rainbow! Want to do the same thing with your little one? It’s simple! You just need rainbow colored paints, white butcher paper, paint brushes, a pencil, cotton balls, and glue.
Sketch-and-Paint Begin by sketching your rainbow and clouds. We did this freehand, but don’t be afraid to use a stencil or items around your house to perfect the curves. Next, pick out your paints.
paint-the-rainbow Remember ROY G. BIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, & violet) from elementary school? It’s the perfect time to teach your kiddos this trick for remembering the color order of a rainbow (we opted to exclude indigo).  Paint the arches from smallest to largest and then allow them to dry.
Cloud-&-Background Dip a cotton ball in blue paint and use it to color in the background. Next, stretch the cotton balls by pulling on opposite sides (but don’t rip them!) to make them appear fluffier. Using glue, attach the cotton balls to the cloud part of your sketch. Repeat this process until your clouds are full.
smile Place your little one in the center of the rainbow, right where they belong!