Now that we live in Aspen, we have this wonderful, massive yard that is just screaming for hours and hours of outdoor family fun. It’s a very welcome breath of fresh air considering when we lived in Chicago, our home was a condo on the 30th floor of a huge building in the middle of the city. Both have their pros and cons, but we’re all about having a yard right now, so we plan on embracing it as much as possible this summer, which means looking for alllll the fun outdoor toys.

I honestly wasn’t even super aware of all the possibilities for outdoor toys until I started looking online. I subsequently fell down an endless rabbit hole and found myself wanting everything! Like, I was ready to build a roller coaster on our property I was so stoked. Of course I’m not going to buy all the items I found, or a roller coaster, but we do have plans for creating a little outdoor oasis for Zelda and our whole family to enjoy.

And because summer is on the horizon and I’m sure we’re all shopping for fun summer toys that can entertain kids for hours, I thought I’d share some of my finds! There are 25 things on this list if that tells you just how many toys I wanted to snag for our backyard, ha! Enjoy!

The best outdoor toys the whole family can enjoy on Glitter and Bubbles.

1. Brockwell Swingset | 2. Giant Connect Four | 3. Colorful Disc Swing | 4. Minnidip Pool | 5. Wave Rocker | 6. Unicorn Sprinkler | 7. Cottage Playhouse | 8. Giant Climber | 9. Classic Sandbox | 10. Cha Cha Sprinkler | 11. Tire Swing | 12. All in One Swingset | 13. Jumbo Bowling | 14. Sandbox with Benches | 15. Star Castle | 16. Giant Jenga | 17. Rainbow Sprinkler | 18. Sandbox with Canopy | 19. Stand Up Swing | 20. Glow Battle | 21. 2 in 1 Bounce House | 22. LOL Bounce House | 23. Ninja Obstacle Line | 24. Macrame Swing | 25. Solar Balloon

Bounce Houses

Having our own bounce house at home would make all of my childhood dreams come. Like, what?! I could barely fathom the idea of having a trampoline as a kid let alone a bounce house! Holy cow. I’m also especially obsessed with bounce houses because ever since we had Zelda’s 2nd birthday party and rented one. I’ve just thought it would be a complete dream to have our own. Here are three I’m considering:

*Sidenote: I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but if you are going to be the house on the block with a bounce house this summer, I would recommend having kids and parents sign a liability waiver. I know, I know, sounds ridiculous but accidents happen and you have to protect yourself at the end of the day. I found this pre-made form online that makes getting a release of liability form very easy.


Ever since I saw the swingset Amber Venz Box DIYed for her kids I’ve been obsessed with the idea of doing one for Zelda. I’m going to try and tackle it this spring and it will by far be the biggest DIY project I’ve ever taken on. This is the kit Amber used for her swingset so I’m trying to decide between that or this one… or this one. Stay tuned because you can bet I’ll definitely be documenting the whole process.


All swings, no matter the style, have something whimsical and playful about them. And who couldn’t use more of that in their life? I’m really into this macrame option, but I ended up ordering this old fashioned tire swing. How cute is it?! It has amazing reviews too, which is a bonus! Zelda also seemed to get really excited about a stand-up swing or a disc swing, so I’m sure we’ll end up picking up one of them too!


Sandboxes can occupy a child for hours, which I think all of us parents can agree is ideal for any toy. As I did some research on them I noticed how much sandboxes have evolved in the last 30 or so years. You can get one with a canopy, one with a bench – the options are endless! We opted for a simple, classic version though while we test out how interested Zelda is in the whole sandbox situation. The one we chose also comes with a lid, which is key because we have a lot of animals going through our backyard and we do not want it to turn into a litter box. Definitely important to keep in mind!


Holy shiiiiit, the world of sprinklers has EVOLVED. Forget the old tractor sprinkler connected to a hose. These days there are inflatable unicorn sprinklers (I guarantee you this will sell out, so buy now!), rainbows that sprinkle water as you run under them, and my favorite, this chic Lilly Pulitzer sprinkler that I’d like just for me when laying out.

Bet You Don’t Have This

And then I have this category of all the random toys I found that I think look awesome for kids and even parents! I mean, I bet you don’t have a giant Jenga set or a supersized version of Connect Four? How fun would those be entertaining?! I’ve got my eye on the jumbo bowling set and the minnidip pool (the prints are SO cute)! I’m seeing the minnidip pool absolutely everywhere, so grab one while they’re still in stock and put a pool (basically) anywhere your heart desires!

So many fun summer toys right?! With any of them, I have no doubt you and your fam will have the best summer yet – I know we will!