If there’s one thing Zelda and I have in common, it’s our love for fashion. I feel incredibly lucky that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree on this one because fashion has literally been a part of my life since day one. And now Zelda and I can bond over it forever, which makes my heart oh so happy! It’s this passion for fashion that got me thinking about today’s post.

I want to break down how to take one core piece from your kids’ wardrobe and actually style it versus just wear it. When you style something, you’re creating a look – a vibe! It’s so much more than just throwing something on with a pair of sandals. Not that there’s anything wrong with simply wearing something, but styling it opens up so many more doors to let your child have fun with their clothes AND get more wear out of them.

Today, we’re starting with this Blu Pony Vintage dress to create three different back to school looks. Honestly, though, you don’t even have to have this specific dress. The point of this little series (we’re hopefully going to be putting out these posts a few times a month) is all about teaching and inspiring you, the parents (and kids!), how to really style your kids’ clothes so each time they wear the core piece, it’s something new and exciting for them!

Zelda and I love, love, love this dress and knew it was the perfect piece to build three different looks off of. Why? Because when I look at this dress, it reads like a “fancier” dress – one you might only wear on Easter or to a wedding. But why not learn how to style a piece like this so your child can wear it for more of an everyday outfit – like to school! Especially if you’re going to spend some money on a dress or some kind of special item, you want your kid to get lots of wear out of it, right? Right!

I think the tips and outfits below will show you how to do just that! And not to mention each one is perfect for the school year ahead! Let’s get started, shall we?!

Look One: Summer Weekend

For the first look, we wanted to capture the feeling of late summer. You know, the time when the temps are still warm, you don’t need a jacket yet and you still really want to pretend like you’re on summer break, but school has already started. To run with the summer vibe, we grabbed an adorable woven backpack (linked similar), a little fedora (linked similar), some comfy sandals that showcase Zelda’s personality and these funky glasses.

In a minute she went from a beautiful little girl going to church to a girl about town heading to the local farmers market. When you’re styling looks for your kid (or in general), think about the theme you want and the materials and accessories that remind you of it. Since we were going for a “summer weekend” theme, I knew I needed something woven along with a hat and cool shades, so I laid out what we had and found exactly the right items. All you have to do is start playing with things you already have and your outfit will come together.

Summer Weekend Look One
Look Two: You’re a Star

We had to put together a look that incorporated sequin and a little bit of glitter because what kid doesn’t love those? I think outfits like this are such a fun way to let kids express their personalities and just be who they are in a way that’s a little more guided. This way they feel like themselves but still look pulled together in a kid-friendly way.

Two of Zelda’s favorite go-to’s for her “You’re a Star” look are these silver tennis shoes (linked similar) and this Lola and the Boys sequin bomber jacket. She would probably sleep in the jacket if I let her. She wears it with everything from a dress like today’s outfit, to jeans or shorts. It will be a staple in your child’s wardrobe, I promise!

As for the fanny pack, we are big fans of them around here. I’ve picked up a few for Zelda because it’s a way for her to carry her own things so I don’t have to. This way whenever we leave the house and she wants to bring things with us, I tell her she can bring whatever she can fit in her fanny pack. This usually limits her to two LOL dolls and her fake cell phone, which makes her feel like she’s in control and a little more grown-up. Win-win, right?

If you hadn’t thought about using a fanny pack for your kids like this, you can find so many cute options on Amazon. This is the one she’s wearing in the video along with these heart sunglasses. You can find deals for days on fun kid stuff on Amazon. It’s a really great way to let them try trendy things on the cheap.

You're a Star Look Two
Look Three: Rocker Chic

This is my favorite look because it’s probably the closest to my personal style. I invest in a leather moto jacket (linked similar) for Zelda every season because they go with everything! It’s the perfect way to elevate their style for the fall season and back to school. The same goes with these Doc Marten boots.

Zelda has been wearing Doc Martens since she could walk because they wear beautifully. I always buy them a half size up for her because you can tighten them with the laces while still allowing room to grow. She rocks them with shorts, skirts, pants, dresses – it doesn’t matter, she’s always rocking her Doc Martens. This is what makes them such a good closet staple – you can wear them with so many different outfits.

And don’t forget to add even more personality with this trendy pair of cat-eye sunglasses (Amazon strikes again). We also went with another fanny pack here, but this time styled it crossbody, which is another way you can wear any fanny pack. Creating these outfits is all about finding little details like this to switch up.

Rocker Chic Look Three

Mixing and matching and building outfits like this together will not only get your child excited about getting dressed every day, but it will teach them about complementary colors, textures and who knows, maybe you’ll have a little stylist on your hands. Either way, it’s a fun teachable moment that will result in some very cool outfits. All you have to do is think outside the box and let those creative juices flow!