I’m always looking for festive yet chic ways to decorate my home around the holidays. In preparation for Thanksgiving I’ve been scouring the internet for an easy DIY and these Ombré Pinecones are a great finishing touch for any home! This is a great craft to do with your little ones while they are home for Thanksgiving break. To make these you’ll need pinecones (I bought cinnamon scented ones, who knew that was a thing!?) acrylic paint in different shades, and an angled paintbrush. ombre-pinecone-supplies Choose an ombré color scheme (I chose red, orange, and yellow). Using your paintbrush apply the darkest color paint onto the bottom quarter of the pinecone, making small angled lines on edges of the seed scales. Repeat this process with each color. Use at least three colors to achieve the ombré effect. Ombre Pinecone-Layers Place around your house and enjoy your festive Thanksgiving décor! Looking for a complimentary DIY? Click here. thanksgiving-ombre-pinecones