Every now and then we like to experiment with Better Homes and Gardens DIY Recipes. After two burnt and slightly misshapen pancakes we finally figured out a successful flipping technique for their Oatmeal Pancake Cookie Pies. It produced normal looking flapjacks, but sometimes required a two spatula maneuver. Once we got into our groove we eventually made it down to one spatula and even achieved a few golden brown pancakes that looked as good as they tasted. The trick to this recipe is patience! We realized we couldn’t flip the pancakes too early or they would fall apart, and we couldn’t wait too long or they would start to overcook. We waited until they began to bubble and then made our move!
This technique produced the finest pancakes of the bunch and after experimenting with many different spatulas, we found this one was the easiest to flip with. To give them a symmetrical circular shape we used a round cookie cutter as soon as they cooled. Once that step was over everything was easy breezy and adding the edible glitter and sprinkles was by far the most fun! Do you have a secret trick to making pancakes at home? Tell us in the comments below.

Photo Credit & Food Styling: Leah Nolan