I don’t know about you but life seems to get a little bit crazier every day that passes, maybe it’s Mercury in retrograde this week and I am feeling it hard, or it’s just that we all have a lot going on. Some days I feel like I am conquering the world and could reinvent the wheel and others I am begging for someone to throw me a raft because I am drowning! I am a business owner with a fiancé who travels most of the week and trying to balance being the best mom I can be is a lot. I have to choose wisely how I do things day to day. When I hear of a product or service that can possibly make my life easier I am all ears. I recently started seeing delicious tiny little meals pop into my Instagram feed from a company called Nurture Life.

Just because I’m beat when I walk through the door doesn’t mean that Zelda shouldn’t get great food. Nurture Life knows what matters to moms, so they use ingredients that you’ll feel good about feeding to your babe. That means no antibiotics or hormones in their meats, whole grains and they always spring for the organic veggies when they’re available. All things you look for when shopping at the grocery store.
This post by Glitter and Bubbles features eating on the go with Nurture Life.
Last week we decided to give it a try and received our first delivery. Everything was perfectly packed in a coolerbox and individually wrapped with heating directions. Our menu for the week included Chicken Tenders with Yams and Green Beans, a Beef and Broccoli Noodle Bowl, Teriyaki Salmon over Brown Rice and Zelda’s personal favorite, the Chicken Meatballs with Mac & Cheese. She was totally digging it and finished just about all of it, which is no small feat when for a toddler! I love that these dishes incorporate some of her favorites and still introduce her to new flavors she hasn’t tried before.
For the kiddos out there with allergies, don’t stress. Nurture Life doesn’t include any peanuts, shellfish or tree nuts in their dishes. And high fructose corn syrup or artificial coloring? No way! They’ve got an impressive list of more things that don’t make their way into their dishes here.

If your babes are going to school or daycare, they are the perfect size for you to toss in their bag and send with them for lunch. If heating up is a bit of a chore or just not possible for your little, I’m loving this bento box by Omie Life that keeps food hot (or cold). You can heat up whatever meal your babe is feeling that day, put it in the bento box and when lunchtime rolls around it’s ready to eat!

This post is sponsored by Nurture Life but all opinions are our own, we would never promote or endorse a product or service we don’t love!