When Zelda was born, I didn’t think there could be anything in the world cuter than her (and I was right – hee hee).  Other mothers had told me that the love for your child is unimaginable and the cuteness factor unbearable, but I honestly couldn’t comprehend this idea.  I had great loves in my life and unbelievably cute Yorkies, but I was wrong.  Verrrrrry wrong!  The degree of baby loves and adorableness is hard to describe but done oh so perfectly in my new favorite book “Next To You.”
This perfect little book is able to capture exactly how cute your baby is by comparing it to the other incredibly cute things in the world.  Think a basket of baby chicks, a piglet in a sweater or an elephant taking a bath!  This sweet and funny, keepsake-size book is the perfect gift baby showers, birthdays, bedtime stories, and everything in between!
Next to You by Lori Haskins Houran on Glitter and Bubbles.Next to You by Lori Haskins Houran on Glitter and Bubbles.
Next To You also has some amazing free downloadables!  The “Oodles of Adorableness Party Pack” (found towards the bottom under “Resources”), is an easy way to incorporate this oh-so adorable theme into any party!