The Land of Nod has been a part of our world since before Zelda was even born. Her nursery was decked out in all of their amazing furniture and décor ready for when she came home from the hospital. Now that we are slowly converting her room into a big girl room, tiny toddler bed included (tear) I’m so happy I have this awesome resource. Their pieces are a super rad combination of stylish and whimsical and I find myself frantically slipping through the catalog every time a new collection comes out.
It’s hard to imagine a time without them, but just 20 years ago they were a small company in their infancy. Since then they have expanded, and each year seems to get more creative than the last! To celebrate this big birthday, I’ve pulled some pieces that we are swooning over – and even included a few that are making their way into Zelda’s newly revamped room. Can you guess which ones they are? Be sure to stay tuned – we’ll be revealing Zelda’s new space soon. Happy Birthday Nod!
This is a post by Glitter and Bubbles that celebrates The Land of Nod's 20th birthday.