In January I introduced you to microblading expert Danijela Milovanovic, and as I promised, I received her semi-permanent procedure to get fuller brows. I could not be happier with the results! The overall process was quick, and while it did hurt a little bit, the pain was minimal (I would have endured much more pain to get these amazing eyebrows!).
Essentially it’s a semi-permanent tattoo for your brows in which Danijela places hair strokes on the epidermal layer of the skin, using a feathering technique with a curved needle. The brows last 12 to 15 months, and you can do touch-ups as needed.
Danijela begins by outlining your brows to make sure you are happy with the shape. Next, she outlines the shape with the semi-permanent ink and then applies a topical cream so that you can’t really feel anything. She fills in the brows and applies a pigment, based on your hair tone. The color lightens by about 40% over the course of 7 days to get you to your correct color.
If you’re going to have this done (and I HIGHLY recommend you do!) my best advice for you is to trust her, she is a professional and knows what she is doing! The whole process costs $475 and she comes directly to your home. She will be back in the Chicago area next month, March 15th-23rd.  What are your thoughts on this amazing process?