Natascha Snellman is the super creative mama behind Hey Babe!, a line of the most AMAZING denim jackets for kids and adults. But Hey Babe! didn’t come about until the birth of Natascha’s little boy, Indio Beauregard (who is ridiculously cute). Before that, Natascha lived in Europe, New York and Seattle, eventually making her way back to Los Angeles, where she lived for a little while growing up. In college she was heavily immersed in the art scene, working with various renowned artists and continued to do so after she graduated. Fast forward to today and Hey Babe! is killing it in the denim jacket game!
Natascha Snellma, Creator of Hey Babe! LA.Natascha Snellma's son Indio.
Children’s Names & Ages: Indio Beauregard, 18 months and my stepson Cooper, 13 years old.
Give Us All the Deets About Yourself, Your Family and What You Do: I grew up in Portland, Seattle, LA and Amsterdam. We only lived in LA for a year when I was 3 years old, but my whole life growing up I dreamt of LA and begged my mom to move back. Although Amsterdam was an amazing place to live, and I’m looking forward to visiting with Lance and Indio! I studied art at a small college in Portland and in my junior year I was accepted at a sister program at Parsons in New York. Moving to NY pretty much kicked my ass and blew my mind, luckily my godparent, Beauregard Houston Montgomery lives there so I wasn’t thrown to the wolves. LOL.
Parsons was insane, it was so intense compared to my school in Portland and most nights I would call my mom crying because I had so much homework. I’m, really glad I had that experience though because it was a reality check. On the weekends, I spent my nights seeing shows and going dancing at clubs by myself like a weirdo loner. I spent a lot of time window shopping, I loved Pat Fields, Trash + Vaudeville, X-Girl and the Chinese department store on Canal Street.
I ended up discovering my favorite photographer, Mark Borthwick at Alleged Gallery. I had to return to Portland to graduate and one day I walked up to Ozone (a record store) and out of nowhere I was standing face to face with Mark Borthwick! It was surreal, I introduced myself and after talking he invited me to assist him in NY. So I moved back to NY and worked for him, met his amazing wife Maria Cornejo and was surrounded by so many interesting creatives.
I think every young person should move to NY, it’s unlike anywhere else. After witnessing September 11th, everything shifted and I felt very lost and depressed. I decided to start applying to graduate school and accepted that my love affair with New York had come to an end. How could I get back to my childhood love – L.A.?
I got accepted to the grad program at Art Center College of Design and finally had a reason to move to LA. I studied with rad artists like Diana Thater and Mike Kelley. Upon graduating, I went on to work with Dagny Corcoran at The Museum Of Contemporary Art — she’s one of my mentors in L.A. and I often find myself thinking “what would Dagny do?” I also worked for Roman Coppola’s company, The Directors Bureau and Zero Maria Cornejo. All my closest friends are women I met at my jobs.
I met my boyfriend Lance on OKCupid….by the way I have so many crazy stories – but it all worked out, because one day I messaged a guy named “saltflatpilot”, and after sending a few messages back and forth we met at an opening at Fahey Kline gallery and it was love at first sight. He was immediately smitten…lol. His background is in skateboarding. He’s a photographer and a music nerd, he also created SLAP magazine back in the 90s’. We immediately talked for hours and became inseparable! A few years later we had Indio and that’s why I started Hey Babe!
Hey Babe! Clothing from Los Angeles.
Brag About Hey Babe! Tell Us Everything: Hey Babe! was inspired by the birth of my son. I really wanted to be able to stay home with him and do something creative, so far, it’s been a roller coaster, but even during the scary parts it has been worth it and very rewarding. I’ve always been most comfortable working in a creative environment, but never had the confidence to start my own business in the past, so I am very proud of how much Hey Babe! has grown in such a small amount of time.
My mom was the head marketing person for Dr. Martens in the late 90s, she did collabs with Prince and Gwen Stefani. She was a cool mom and I learned a lot from watching her without even knowing it. I’ve recently made custom Hey Babe! jackets for Saint and North West and Blue Ivy. Style wise those were my dream kids to create jackets for, so when I hit a speed bump, I reminded myself that I could make that happen on my own and that I can attain any goal I set for myself! Thank you, Mom, for showing me how!
I joined a group of empowering creative moms last year called Fashion Mamas, it’s inspiring to be surrounded by other moms who are juggling motherhood and creativity. Hey Babe! will have a booth at the Fashion Mamas Kids Fashion Fair in New York this fall.  Most of my sales are online and I love interacting with my clients in person, so I’m looking forward to meeting more cool mamas as Hey Babe! grows and I can travel more.
The fun part of my job is sourcing patches, jackets and inspiration imagery. I also look forward to doing collaborative photo shoots with my mom friends, Lance shoots them for us so it’s a family affair! The exciting and terrifying part of my job is to figure out how to grow Hey Babe! and stay true to my vision, but also grow my vision and be open to what it turns into. That’s where I am at right now — figuring out my next step!
Hey Babe! Denim Jackets.
How Do You Keep Your Sanity Running Your Own Company and Being a Mom to Indio?! I am grateful to have a supportive partner, Lance, who is very hands on with our son. We are also best friends, so it’s good to be able to brainstorm together and relax together, (which consists of a lot of Apple TV and hanging out in bed). My friends are also a huge part of my sanity, I’ve had two girlfriends who have given me a lot of great business advice, which is invaluable and my best friend watches Indio so I can go to events occasionally. I’m still figuring out how to keep my sanity and am always open to pointers…
Give Us a Glimpse into the Timeline of an Average Day from the Time You Wake Up to the Time You Go to Bed: Indio is up and ready to party at 6:30 AM…sigh. I fix him breakfast and turn on Bumba, Yo Gabba Gabba, Sesame Street or Pee-Wee’s Playhouse (thats our current rotation), I check my emails and look at my to do list for the day. Depending on my Hey Babe! orders, we either run work errands or go meet up with mom friends so our kids can get their energy out! Once we are back home I do some more work while Indio plays and get dinner ready.
Favorite Quote: “Only boring people get bored.” -My mother
Natascha Snellman is the creator of Hey Babe! a children's denim jacket company.
Top Beauty Product You Must Have as a Mom: I’ve always been pretty mellow about make-up, I use Clinique Black Honey sheer lipstick, Chanel Perfection Lumier Velvet with SPF, Shiseido Ibuki moisturizer and cleanser, Regime Des Fleur Nite Surf perfume, and any black eye liner and mascara.
Favorite Under the Radar Kids Brands: Other than Hey Babe! I love my friends lines: BlackiBoys, Roubleau and LeFutureKids.
Top 3 Patches EVER: A set of vintage Native American Chief heads (that I ran out of), the Margiela/Metallica patches because of the irony and I love the pink fuzzy bunny heads, they are an ode to an artwork by the late Mike Kelley (I still wish I had my Sonic Youth t-shirt with his artwork on it).
If You Could Buy Any Item Guilt Free with No Spending Limit You Would Buy: I would be savvy (with the money) and buy a few things like the army green Lia Coat by Maria Cornejo and pair it with a vintage Stephen Spouse Louis Vuitton scarf and Margiela Tabi Ankle Boots.
Activity You Love to Do with Your Son: I love to take him to visit and ride the ponies at Griffith Park.
Your Secret Obsession When You Get an Hour to Yourself: It’s rare with my son being so young, but occasionally I take an afternoon to go to a movie with friends. Although my goal for 2017 is to go trail riding and get back in the saddle.
 Closet Staple That You Can’t Live Without: I am so into my Wendy Nichol Bullet Bag, it’s this amazing hunter green color and the patchwork detail is amazing. My Hey Babe! army jacket, I can throw it on with almost anything and it has tons of pockets which is handy with a toddler….pacifier pockets! I also have an Iggy Pop shirt from the 1970s that he gave my mom, after many years I convinced her to “lend it” to me…. it’s the perfect thinly aged tee and the graphics are beyond. And my push present from Lance I wear on a daily basis, it’s super cool black onyx cable wrapped studs by David Yurman.
Favorite Snack or Dessert to Make with Your Kids:  Indio is definitely my child, he loves croissants as much as I do. At Trader Joe’s, pick up the crescent rolls (usually near the salsa and hummus) and grab a bag of their chocolate chips (baking chocolate). Get the full recipe here.