I am super excited for this week’s Rad Mom because this is someone that has been near and dear to my heart since junior high school. From listening to Crucial Conflict and E40, to husbands and babies, there is nothing better than watching friends grow and evolve into RAD Moms!
Originally hailing from Kansas City, Natalie Glusman now calls Fort Lauderdale home, and has for the past five years. Moving to Fort Lauderdale turned out to be a life changing decision, it’s where she discovered her true calling, health and fitness. Natalie was working in finance, and started teaching barre on the side. That nudged her in the direction of getting multiple certifications in various areas (like yoga and pilates).
Founder of Be Preggo, Be Fit, Natalie Glusman and her newborn son and husband.
Last year was a busy one for Natalie, the time came for her to launch her own business, Be Preggo, Be Fit and she also got married! Natalie and her husband also welcomed a baby boy last summer, Baron Franklin! Congratulations Natalie, we can’t wait to see what you do next!
Natalie Glusman's favorite things.
Little’s Name & Age: Baron (4 months)
The Thing That Surprised You the Most about Becoming a New Mom: I never understood what people meant when they said being a parent is hard, but I get it now. It’s hard in the most unexpected ways. My days are a roller coaster of emotions, between feeling overwhelmed, happy, exhausted and energized, and when all seems to be in order, content.
Tell Us About Your Online Prenatal Fitness Program:  During my pregnancy I felt like an emotional mess some days, other days I had a hard time accepting the physical changes in my body but working out enabled me to embrace all of these changes and feelings. I truly feel that working out is the best thing you can do while you are pregnant to feel good about yourself and prepare yourself for labor.
The Be Preggo, Be Fit program is a workout program for weeks 14 – 42 of pregnancy. It’s available in an instant download, and in the program I tell you exactly what to do every week so that you can feel strong and energized during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Women always want to know what core exercises they can do and I have included core exercises that will help prevent diastasis recti and help women restore their core postpartum. I also train prenatal clients around the country online! 
Give Us a Glimpse into the Timeline of an Average Day: Unfortunately, I still don’t have Baron sleeping through the night so I am usually up at least once in the night with him. He wakes up around 7am and we begin our day. Baron is on a pretty good routine of eating, play time and napping throughout the day. While he naps I squeeze in a workout, train my online preggo clients and keep my household in order! My husband is a trial lawyer and has long, demanding work days. I have always loved to cook so I make dinner for us every night. We make a point to sit down, turn our phones off and spend quality time together.
 Top Beauty Product You Must Have as a New Mom: Chanel Ultrawear Lip Color in darling pink (I love that it stays all day long!).
Favorite Workout Gear: I spend a lot of time in workout clothes, my favorite brands are KiraGrace, YogasmogaOnzie and Spiritual Gangster. I love my Manduka yoga mat (worth the price!) and my Sanuk flip flops (made from recycled yoga mats!).
Top 3 Pieces of Kids Gear You Can’t Live Without: The Fisher Price Rock ‘N Play is a dream when you have a cranky baby who needs to nap!  I love Noodle & Boo products for bath time. The smell is the best! I went with the Uppa Baby brand of stroller, carseat and basinet combo and really like it. The stroller is super lightweight and easy to maneuver, and all of the attachments work effortlessly with the stroller.
If You Had $1000 To Spend on Yourself What You Would You Buy: I would treat myself to an over the top spa day, blowout and a hot new dress! (All followed by date night with my hubby of course.)
Activity You Love to Do With Your Son: Yoga! I did yoga everyday throughout my pregnancy and love practicing with Baron at home or at mommy and me classes. I also love taking him to the studio with me when I am teaching at Vault Fitness Fort Lauderdale.
Your Secret Obsession When You Get an Hour to Yourself: I love to sit in my bathroom and watch The Real Housewives of Orange County (or any of the Real Housewives). The bathroom part is weird, I know, but it’s such a peaceful and tranquil space.
Closet Staple That You Couldn’t Live Without When You Were Pregnant: I loved Isabella Oliver’s dresses while pregnant. They are so comfortable and stylish, and paired with the right shoes even managed to make me feel a little sexy on date nights.
 Your Favorite Healthy Recipe to Make for Your Family: My special salmon is always a hit!