It’s 10AM and time for baby’s first nap of the day.  You’ve been up since 6AM, so this much needed break is welcomed…but you know there is a pile of dishes calling your name and laundry to be folded.  Baby daddy walks in the door from the gym and heads straight for the shower and then for a nap.  Wait, what!?  Rewind…is he really taking a f*cking nap!?
In today’s world where super mannies are the rage and dads jumping in cribs to sleep train are getting millions of You Tube views, why is my baby daddy taking his own personal nap time?nap-you-postWhether you are a working or stay at home mom, weekends mean an extra set of hands are on deck.  You might be able to sleep an extra 30-minutes or work out without leaving class early because it overlaps with pick-up.  But for some dads, weekends are for TV time and nap schedules (their own!).
Help!  Have a napping baby daddy too?  Tell me how you beat it?