As a working mom, I find myself constantly racing the clock and by the time work ends and dinnertime begins, I’ve run out of steam.  Enter – My Fit Foods!  This pre-packaged meal services was recently introduced to me by Splash and when asked to partake in their Health Challenge…I put down my beloved Gingerbread cookies and signed on.
My fiance travels during the week, so cooking dinner for 1 adult and 1 toddler is near impossible.  I would love to say I practice portion control, but I constantly struggle when grocery shopping because purchasing meat or fish for one is tough and messing up the kitchen for one plateful of food isn’t worth it after a long work day.  And let’s be real, after a 10-hr work day, cooking is not the therapeutic break I am looking for.
Ok, so here’s where My Fit Foods comes in.  These pre-package meals are not only healthy but perfectly portioned for both me and Zelda.  The brown rice with turkey and asparagus can actually feed both of us and the shrimp tacos, my answer to mid-week seafood!  Oh and the snacks are delicious.  When some of the dinner portions are slightly too small for 2, then I just add on a snack and both me and Zelda are full.
The packaging is also ideal.  The pack and go containers are easy for me to toss in my handbag for work and Zelda’s backpack for play.  Healthy eating that doesn’t break the bank (or my stride)…yes please! The best part? Click here to get a free meal!