The beauty industry, with the popularity of social media, has exploded, to put it lightly. Every day and every swipe, a new lip color, palette, skincare revolution is sitting in the palm of your hand. Who to trust? What’s worth spending your precious dollars on? It can become extremely overwhelming, often resulting in purchases that find their days lived out in the bottom of a bathroom drawer after one swipe across your eyelids.

I tested so many products last year and found myself coming back to a handful that I couldn’t resist. While several of these products are indeed pricey (Hello $250 Cle de Peau Foundation), the hype and performance are real. I am going to give you the unfiltered, unsponsored low down of my ten favorite skincare & haircare products I used in 2019, so you can see if they are a fit for you.

Cle de Peau Firming Serum
worth the $$

As I inch closer and closer to forty, I have noticed a change in the elasticity of my skin. You know what I mean, things don’t stay forever “twenties tight” If you don’t know what I mean because you are in your twenties, you can skip to the next product, but if you are over, thirty-five keep on reading!

Botox is an absolute must, but you still need a daily product that helps with the elasticity of your skin. This lifting serum visibly firms, lifts, and tightens your skin from every angle. Coming in just over $300, I understand this is a pricey product, BUT it indeed yields visible results within days. The bottle lasted me approx ten months with daily use. If you are going to invest in skincare, this is the product to invest in.

Sunday Riley Good Genes

The first time I used this product, it was a sample packet I received at the beauty counter. I applied to my face during my skincare routine and came downstairs for my morning coffee. I will never forget, Spiro looked over at me and said: “Wow, what did you do different with your skin, it’s amazing, it’s glowing!” In one seamless motion, I picked up my phone and ordered the full size from Sunday Riley and never looked back! LOL!

This is one of those products which exceeds all the hype you might have heard. Within 3 minutes after application this lactic acid treatment will leave you instantly brighter with your fine lines left plumped. If I leave this out of my skincare routine it’s noticeable.


Tata Harper Floral Essence Toner

The Tata Harper Floral Essence Toner is a mood changer.  A hydrating essence that moisturizes & plumps with hyaluronic acid and natural humectants, it’s 100% natural and leaves you feeling for a moment like you are in a tropical spa.  I was initially turned onto this product by makeup guru Ashlee Glazer, and it has been in regular rotation for the last seven years! Forever favorite for skin prep.

Cle de Peau Eye Contour Cream

The great hunt for the perfect eye cream is over! Eye cream is one of those skincare items that is often a bit pricey but makes a world of difference in your appearance when you use the right one. This Cle de Peau enhancing eye contour cream lives up to the price tag. With just the tiniest dab (using more product does NOT increase the results, it’s merely wasteful), it will leave you looking tight and bright.  Super easy and quick absorption, it’s everything you could wish for in an eye cream.

Lasted approx eight months with daily application. 

Bliss Naked Body Butter

I’ve always heard that certain Bliss products have a cult-like following and never understood the hype until I discovered the Naked Body Butter. Now you can call me the leader, LOL! I am obsessive over the Naked Body Butter; it’s the perfect daily moisturizer. It quickly absorbs, leaving your skin feeling baby fresh. It’s a product that is perfect for the entire family, Spiro and Zelda both use it daily. It comes in eight different scents, and they are all delicious.

Becca Pressed Highlighter
perfect shimmer!

BECCA’s Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter is an award-winning highlighting powder that melts into skin for the ultimate glow! I was also introduced to this product by Ashlee Glazer during our last makeup LIVE! Tutorial. 

Super easy to apply, it leaves you looking super fresh with a natural glow. I typically apply to my cheekbones, down my nose, and upper forehead. It’s precisely what your skin needs to give it a little life during these cold winter months!


Cle de Peau The Foundation

When it comes to foundation it’s important that you find the perfect shade and formula for your skin. The Foundation by Cle de Peau is one of my favorite makeup products I’ve used. I am pretty sure they sourced ingredients from heaven and it has been formulated by angels because it’s out of this world. Again with just a small dab, a little goes a long way, it will leave your skin with an airbrushed glow/dewy natural finish that you most likely have never been able to achieve. This is a product you sacrifice your Starbucks budget for!

Kerastase Dual Treatment Serum

Kerastase makes some of my favorite hair care products, but this one tops the list. A repairing and binding serum that transforms damaged hair to leave it hydrated, conditioned, and healthy-looking. Your ends will be left looking healed and sealed! I use it approx two times a week on my and Zelda’s towel-dried hair. This product has been key in maintaining Zelda’s healthy Rapunzel hair! Game Changer.

Kerastase Aura Botanica Blow-Dry Milk

Living at 7,800 ft is no joke, and your skin and hair are quick to let you know that! The battle of the frizz is real during the winter, and this blow-dry milk helps Zelda, and I maintain our flyaways and keeps our hair feeling smooth and soft. Not to mention it provides thermo-protection, so we don’t fry our hair.


Library Of Flowers Field & Flowers

My favorite fragrances come crafted from a small batch perfumery called the Library of Flowers. Every product they create from the bath oils, lotions, and perfumes is made with love and spectacular. I have been using the products for several years and get stopped regularly and asked what I am wearing. Last year I wore the Field & Flowers fragrance, and it’s for sure one of my favorites!

  • Top Note: Apricot
  • Middle Note: Honeyed Blossom
  • Bottom Note: Wildflowers