There is nothing more fulfilling than finding a new Holy Grail beauty product at a drugstore. Not only do you save big, but you also feel like you beat the system. I don’t know about you guys but I have been crushing on a ton of drugstore beauty products lately and I feel like they are really stepping up their game. Check out my favorites for spring!
The best drugstore beauty buys.skincare
L’Oreal Revitalift Bright Reveal Peel Pads
If you saw my post last week, you know I’m really into my skin right now. I’ve been testing a ton of products and I love these. They’re super easy to use — you just run a peel pad over your face after you cleanse at night and you’re left with glowing skin. My face has never felt so illuminated!
Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes
I live for these towelettes. I mentioned last week that I recently discovered the Clé de Peau towelettes (they are made by angels), but coming in at nearly $1 a piece I can’t use these on my face every day (I wish!). These Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes are a close second and I always keep them on my nightstand. That way, if I’ve already curled up in bed and am feeling too lazy to wash my face, I can roll over, reach for one of these and feel I’ve done my duty. They are also spectacular for the beach, travel and cleaning up your makeup during the day. Sometimes I put one of these in a baggy in my purse and if I need a midday under eye touch up, I simply use one of these towelettes!
NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick
These are so good. Anytime I stumble upon a fully stocked NYX display at Target I feel like I hit the jackpot. It’s like a candy store of pigments that are all so bold and rich. I recommend putting on chapstick before you apply, this makes the color go on smoothly and then it dries with a nice suede finish. Once you’ve applied, you don’t need to worry going over your lips with another gloss, and it doesn’t feel chalky or sticky. They come in so many awesome colors and because the price point is so low, I always feel like I’m getting three for one.
NYX Tres Jolie Gel Pencil Liner
I’m always on the hunt for a good black eyeliner. No matter what, liners always seem to slip and I end up looking like a racoon around 2pm. I picked this up a couple of months ago and I’ve really been crushing on it. It goes on so smoothly because it’s a gel pencil, and the best part is that it stays on nicely. It also has a built-in sharpener on the bottom so you can sharpen the point, which is a total bonus.
Wet N’ Wild Cover All Face Primer
Wet N’ Wild has been around since I was a child. We all have those Wet N’ Wild memories (mine was a hot pink nail polish), but I haven’t revisited the brand in quite some time. I was on the hunt for a primer that was under $40 and I stumbled upon this one. It goes on smoothly and leaves your skin with a nice afterglow. This primer refines pores and fine lines, so if you’re not using one and are thinking about starting, this one is fantastic.
Kiss Eyelashes
Personally, I wish that I could have eyelash extensions but my eyes do not react well to the permanent glue. A couple of years ago, I had them done and the next morning when I couldn’t open my eyes, I decided I shouldn’t mess around with my vision and had to remove it from my beauty routine. Anytime I’m going somewhere special or having photos taken, I always fill in my lashes. I’m a big fan of the trio lashes in the short and the extra short sizes. I always use the trio lash because it’s like putting on three lashes in one and they’re easier to apply. While they don’t add length, they do add definition and fill in my lashes to create a more defined eye. They stay on all day and are easy to remove at night with a little soap and water.
Ponytail Hooks
We all grew up with the scrunchy and the hair tie, but we didn’t grow up with ponytail hooks. Recently, my girl Amanda from BloHaute turned me onto these and I am hooked. (Get it? Ponytail hooks! HA!) They are just like a hair tie, but they don’t leave that icky indentation on your hair and are more secure. For example, if you styled your hair with the perfect volume and curl but need to pull your hair back, you don’t want to mess it up with the process of putting in a hair tie. With a ponytail hook, you simply wrap it around without compressing your hair, damaging it or taking away its perfect volume.
Kristin Ess hair products.
Kristin Ess Hair Care Products
I featured these products when I went live with BloHaute on Instagram and can’t stop talking about how good they are. You should stock your shower and your bathroom drawers with this line because it is a money saver. They’re comparable to Kerastase and Pureology (which are still awesome!) and when you can get a hair product of that caliber at Target, it makes your bank account smile.