Oeuf is a company that both Zelda and I have come to love.  Owners Sophie Demenge and Michael Ryan have made it their mission to make the essentials practical and stylish, without compromising quality and safety.  Oeuf believes in  designing products that offer real value to their customers.
How it all began: Sophie met a Bolivian woman who was trying to sell local goods to tourists in her community, and upon meeting the woman, knew that she wanted to be involved in what she was doing. They immediately began creating a mini clothing line with a total of five knitters, and little by little they learned together. There are now 500 knitters.  Sophie is very hands on and goes to Bolivia at least once a year,  where all of the products are hand made. Along with creating quality products, Oeuf also helps provide the women in Bolivia with a sustainable source of income.
It’s impossible for me to choose a favorite product, they are all amazing! That being said, I think Zelda is partial to her cashmere limousine, she always has to have it in her crib with her. Check out more her favorites here.
Photo Credit: Oeuf
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