Morgan Smith is the Rad Mom behind Minnow, a super sweet line of suits for little babes that are quintessentially California cool. Classic silhouettes and muted colors make up Minnow’s collection and we can’t get enough! The road that led to Minnow involved Morgan living in big cities on both coasts working in marketing, but as they say, there’s no place like home, so back to Southern Cali she went. We can’t blame her, we’d miss that amazing weather and view too!
Morgan Smith is featured as this week's Rad Mom on Glitter and Bubbles.
Photo Credit: Morgan Smith
When she’s not creating some of the sweetest swimwear you ever did see, she’s hanging with her son Theo and her husband. But this party of three will soon be four. That’s right, Morgan is expecting a baby girl due in September! It’s safe to say that lucky little one is going to have some adorable swimsuits in her future. Follow her adventures on Instagram, you may even catch a cute snap of her little babe when she arrives!
Morgan Smith is featured as this week's Rad Mom on Glitter and Bubbles.
Illustration by The Unexpected Type
Little’s Names & Ages: Theo (2), Baby girl (due Sept)
Top Beauty Product You Must Have as a Mom: Tinted moisturizer (I’m in the sun so much now with Theo out and about, I love a little coverage with SPF to protect from skin damage). The Laura Mercier has been my favorite so far, it feels very light on.
Favorite Lip Balm: It’s constantly changing, but I love the sugar balms by Fresh. They are SPF protected, come in an array of colors, and give just the right amount of tint.
Top 3 Pieces of Baby or Kids Gear: My Bugaboo Stroller — I use it everyday. My stroller has traveled with us everywhere. It’s lightweight and a smooth ride with a one handed push…which is a game changer for multitasking moms. Solly Baby – I loved wearing Theo close to me when he was small, and this wrap is soft and not too hot, it has breathable fabric. Lastly, the Yepp Bike Seat – we love to go on family bike rides, this seat is a Dutch brand that is well-designed and comfortable (my son also loved sitting in front).
Activity You Love to Do With Your Little: Head to the beach – it’s an easy, free activity that everyone enjoys.
Your Secret Obsession When You Get an Hour to Yourself: I love a little reflexology – an inexpensive foot massage always does the trick. Every time I go, I think, “Why don’t I do this every week?!”
Closet Staple That You Can’t Live Without: A striped top and white pants (I know white is crazy with kids, but I just feel the most me and am so glad it’s bleachable).
Favorite Dessert Recipe to Make for Your Littles: Homemade Fruit Popsicles! Click here to get the recipe.