Morgan Hutchinson
They say that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and in Morgan Hutchinson’s case, that certainly rings true. Morgan was living in China with her husband when she became pregnant. Determined not to wear maternity pieces, she set out to find chic clothing that would expand with her growing bump.
After the birth of her daughter, Olive Bee, it proved even more difficult to find clothes that would meet the frequent and sometimes wardrobe-challenging demands of breastfeeding. Morgan embarked on a mission in the name of fashion!
Morgan frequented online shops, high-end boutiques and big box stores in her search for “breast-feeding friendly” clothing that would allow for easy front access, and of course easily washable. This required a tremendous amount of time and imagination, something that new moms don’t have much of! After talking to fellow mom friends and mommas to be, she learned that she was not alone.
After four years in China, Morgan and her family moved back to her hometown of Murray, Kentucky, trading in the fast paced city for a more pastoral setting. They began to dream big about their prospective business, Morgan and her husband Brett came up with a plan. Offer moms on-trend clothing from top non-maternity lines and style them to take the guesswork out of getting dressed. With Brett’s help on the financial front, Morgan put her former stylist and lingerie designer experience to use as they founded in 2013.
Not only will you find great pieces to wear during and after your pregnancy, but I LOVE that they have a “Mommy and Me” section filled with matching pieces for you and your little!
How many children do you have? What inspired their names?
One little girl (she just turned 2 in November) named Olive Bee. I grew up on Olive Street and have always loved the name. And as coincidence would have, my husband and I had our first official date at Todd English’s restaurant Olives in NYC. Her middle name, Bee comes from my grandmother Jean Blankenship, who goes by Ms. B. We added the “ee” because the honey bee really makes the world go ’round. And Olive certainly does that for us!
What’s your favorite way to spend time with your family?
I suppose I should say some type of physical activity – but the truth is I love a Sunday at home with just the 3 of us. We are on the go a lot with BURU, and it’s just so nice to lounge in the house. We typically fill the day enjoying tea parties with Olive, followed by charcuterie plates and champagne for us during nap time. I also love traveling together. Watching Olive learn through different experiences and places is such a joy.
Are there any children’s brands you find yourself buying over and over again?
Absolutely. We are big on classic dresses and I am a sucker for all things Feltman Brothers, and the Proper Peony is a new discovery for me that I can’t get enough of. For more casual looks – I love Egg by Susan Lazar and Mini Rodini.
How has motherhood affected your personal style?
To be honest – not that much. My motivation behind BURU was to curate a collection of ready-to-wear items that give moms the opportunity to take fashion risks and feel in the moment in more kid friendly fabrics and comfortable silhouettes.  I definitely don’t wear as many mini-skirts or short dresses, but that probably has to do with my age as well. Yikes! I still wear heels every day, they may not be 4″ stilettos but they’ve got some boost to them!
What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
I feel like I birthed a little friend. Every day gets more fun, especially now that she can really carry on a conversation. I love to hear what her precious brain comes up with.
What’s the hardest thing about being a mom?
Time management. It seems we are always rushing. I wish there was more time for playing. Like every mom, I feel that balancing it all is so hard. You feel guilt when you are not with them, and you feel work related stress when you can’t seem to get that to-do list done!
Has your beauty routine changed at all since you’ve had kids?
Oh yes. So many days of layering make-up over yesterday’s make-up. And on that note – time spent applying said make-up has dwindled to 5 minutes – typically with Olive in my lap! Red lipstick, mascara and concealer are my focus. I feel like they get the job done.
What have you learned from Olive?
What have I not learned!? I will start with my faith. I have always had a strong faith and believed in grace – but I feel like I understand so much more about God’s love for us through loving Olive.
She has also taught me to embrace the little things. Her excitement over seeing the moon every night reminds me to appreciate this beautiful world that we live in. She has also taught me (reminded me I suppose) that I married an amazing human. Brett is a hands on dad and Olive’s biggest cheerleader. He supports us both in every aspect of life.
What is your favorite, easy, go-to recipe that your family loves?
My child LOVES guacamole and spicy food. We love to do a southwest kind of menu with homemade guacamole and spicy chili. Very simple. Very fast.
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