We sat down with busy working mom Monica Royer of Monica + Andy to find out how she balances owning a business and being a mom, all while staying true to her personal style. Her adorable daughter Bella (her mini me!) is also her muse for her business. From adorable PrimaBellarina dresses to luxury muslin blankets, Monica + Andy has everything your little one might need!
How many children do you have and what are their ages and names? What inspired their names? 
My daughter Bella is 3.5.  Her middle name is Kirsi because I am half Indian and half Scandinavian.  It was one of the names that I found was part of both of those cultures.   I have simply always loved the name Bella and it fits her so well.
What was the best part about being pregnant? The worst?    
The best part of being pregnant was that I felt the need to take extra good care of myself.  I took the time out for massage, acupuncture, facials and always made sure to eat well.  After her arrival it was much harder to find time to do these things. The worst part about being pregnant was figuring out what to wear in the last trimester.  She was born at the end of November and I didn’t want to buy a maternity coat so I spent much of the fall season with a jacket I couldn’t zip up!
Did your beauty routine change at all throughout your pregnancy?  
Yes – Although I have always believed in taking good care of myself, I took extra time for prenatal Pilates, yoga, massage, acupuncture and facials.  It felt amazing!
How do you balance your work schedule with spending time with Bella?  
This is the hardest part.  I am fortunate to be at the helm of a company that really values the time of working moms.  We make sure all the moms we work with are able to have a flexible schedule.  The best thing for me is to have her with me during the day (when I can) and then work after she goes to bed and before she wakes up.  I send most of my emails from 7pm to 1am.  Regardless, this is always still a struggle.  My job can feel all-encompassing at times.  I am fortunate to have an incredible support system (both my parents live in the same condo building). I also have a very supportive husband (Rob Royer of Interior Define).  We both have our own companies so we understand what the other is going through.  My brother is amazing with Bella so whenever I am out in NYC for meetings he always helps me with her.
How do you describe your personal style? What brands do you love?  
I love dressing up!  My favorite brand is Azeeza.  I love her cuffs, collars, dresses and scarves.  I always am wearing at least one piece from her.  If I want to make a statement she is my #1 choice.  Since I am part working woman, part stay at home mom I have also learned to embrace chic casual, AYR is my favorite.  From their uber stretch jeans to their statement capes I am obsessed!  The quality of what they make is incredible.  I also just ordered my first vegan leather jacket from Free People so I am excited to add that to what I am wearing. For winter boots it is Stuart Weitzman all the way!
I am not a huge jewelry person but Dana Rebecca  is changing all of that . I love the beauty and simplicity of her pieces and her Lauren Joy earrings have become a staple in my every day.  For a holiday present (if my husband is reading this) I have my eye on her Anna Beth earrings in green onyx!
How do you describe Bella’s personal style? What brands does she love?   
Well of course I have turned my daughter into a mini me.  She loves dressing up too and I am pretty sure her favorite brand is Monica + Andy! I named the PrimaBellarina dress that she wore around all summer after her.   She can also be a bit of a tomboy which I love, and we embrace her casual side too.  When we at home I love having her wear jeggings, organic tees and super soft sweaters.  I LOVE layering, which is especially helpful in Chicago since a 70 degree day can turn into a 50 degree day in a matter of minutes.   As far as brands SHE loves that would be toys!  She LOVES Melissa and Doug (they have the best toys!). We buy a lot of her toys at Whole Foods as well as my favorite toy store in the city, Building Blocks.