To get ready for Mother’s Day, we decided to get together with some fab moms and have Debi Lilly educate us on how to create beautiful sweets and drinks using edible flowers! The results were perfection, take a peek!
Debi Lilly’s DLLoft was the perfect setting, the beautiful space was adorned with candles and arrangements of little springtime blooms. By the end of the night, everyone was ready to move in!
Moms (and some babes!) mingled and shared stories and realizations they’ve had while raising their littles, while sipping on cocktails infused with different floral flavors. We nibbled on some seriously delicious bites created by Boutique Bites and also Goddess and Grocer, both are party perfection! Once everyone had settled in, the cupcake decorating tutorial commenced! Debi showed us a great icing technique, and had an array of edible blooms for us to adorn our treats with.
Everyone walked away with a beautiful creation, which they took home to share with their babes (or maybe ate in the car, no judgement here!). How are you celebrating Mother’s Day this year?