When I started Glitter & Bubbles, I realized there was a lot of information floating around about becoming a new Mom but it was hard to sift through all the advice, and sometimes hard to relate to as a modern working mom.
Let’s face it– Mamas aren’t joking around these days!  The Moms I know are multi-tasking, entrepreneurial, hard-working ladies who still work extra hours and get the cooking done. And I want to know…how do you do it!?
As a modern day Mom myself, I’m super excited to share my own secrets and want to hear what my peers are doing too. So myself and Monica Royer of Monica + Andy will be moderating a “Mommy Chat” at the GEMS World Academy on Wednesday, August 26th so secrets can be revealed!
Join us for a light breakfast, a panel discussion with: Marie Whitney, Owner of Two Penny Blue, Nikia Jefferson of ChiTown Fashionista, Amalie Drury, Writer & Editor, Rachel Rischall, Director of Marketing & Communications for Brendan Sodikoff’s Hogsalt Hospitality, and Emma Arnold, Founder of Tres Awesome and Creative Director, along with an optional tour of the school.
If you’re curious about what it’s really like to be a modern Mom (and want to learn a few of our secrets) we’ll see you there!