Yesterday Zelda joined me for my weekly WCIU segment on Mom & Little’s fashion. To say she had a blast would be an understatement! She sits on my lap while I get my makeup done in the morning (and tries to steal my make-up artist’s brushes!), and then we get dressed and head to the studio!
If you listen to the video at the end you can hear bursts of approval from Zelda about the products!
1 & 2. Shop Buru has clothing options for while you’re pregnant and after, and clothes for your little one. I love these Rachel Antonoff dresses, they feel so perfect for summertime. Again, your little one is going to be thrilled that you both match!

3 & 4.  I’ve loved Vans for as long as I can remember, and I really love matching mine and Z’s shoes! But you don’t have to match exactly, in fact I think it’s more fun if you mix it up a bit. I love a solid shoe for mom, and give your babe a print or a style that’s different than yours. That way your little one is still absolutely thrilled their shoes are like yours, and you can wear something that fits your personality.

5 & 6. Zelda has had her pink aviators for awhile, but I just love this new style from Ray-Ban that I picked up from! They’re flattering and a nice update from their classic aviator style that I’ve been rocking.

7 & 8. How adorable is this mini quilted Moderne Child handbag?! I just love it, and when I see Zelda holding it my heart melts. If your little one loves dressing up and keeps reaching for your Chanel, this is the perfect fit.

9 & 10. I love Casual Friday for graphic tees, they’re cheeky and so comfy. The sayings are hilarious, and now your babe can rock them as well.