It’s officially 2018 and that means this is the year’s first installment of five things I’m crushing on! I had a ton of “me time” over the holidays and was able to read, peruse the internet and test out new products. I also experienced some new things with Zelda and we had so much fun. Check out the five things I’m loving below – I think you’ll be just as excited as I was to discover them!

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Good Rx: I’m sure anytime you hear the worlds ‘health insurance’, you have a physical reaction. Personally, I cringe, and my stomach becomes upset. It’s expensive, complicated and confusing. Good Rx compares the prices of over 60,000 pharmacies across the country. They have amazing coupons that you can print for free, and you can save up to 80% on your pharmacy medication. This is huge, especially if you have lackluster health insurance or don’t have any at all. It’s guaranteed to save you money and could possibly save your life. Be sure to look and see if your medications are on the site. It’s easy to find out the prices and if you hear someone discussing health insurance, be sure to tell them abut Good Rx too. You never know the impact it could have!

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Snuggly Rascals Headphones for toddlers.Snuggly Rascals: Zelda is in love with her Snuggly Rascals headphones. The innovatively unique design is perfect for kids during the winter season. There are flat, built-in speaks on the interior of the super soft headband. It wraps all the way around her head, which makes it stay on comfortably. It keeps her warm and she is always excited to wear them (usually she fights me on wearing headphones). If you have a kid and an iPad (which is pretty much all of us) then I highly recommend picking up a headband for your babe. They are awesome!







Milk Makeup: Zelda loves temporary tattoos and on a recent trip to Sephora, we discovered Milk Makeup came out with tiny stamps. They are so cute, and we’ve been putting a heart underneath Zelda’s eye. They come in a ton of assorted designs and it adds a little something extra that your babe is sure to love! Mamas, be sure to check out their lip + cheek tint too, it’s awesome.







The Labena Footpeel to remove dead skin from the bottom of feet.Labena Footpeel: Over the holidays, I was super busy and that meant my pedicures took a back seat. My feet needed some serious attention! I was so happy when I discovered the Labena Footpeel. I put the foot mask on for 60-90 minutes and hoped for the best. The peel promises to remove dead skin and seven days later, it delivered! I began peeling like a snake. It was crazy how much skin came off my feet but once it did, they were baby soft.





Google Arts & Culture App.Google Arts & Culture App: One of my “resolutions” is to waste less time on social media. I’ve been downloading different knowledge-based apps, so I can learn something in my free time. Recently, I found the Google Arts and Culture app and highly recommend it! Google collaborated with over 1,200 national museums and galleries, and the result is a world of endless knowledge. I can curate artwork, share my gallery with friends and go on guided tours through a variety of exhibits. It’s super rad! It’s easy to skim it for five minutes and then leave having learned something. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to strike up a conversation that leads me somewhere I never thought I would be!