Bold prints were very apparent in the streets during Milan Fashion Week, and I have to say I loved it! There was everything from geometric to graphic, and each of them looked awesome in their own right. If you loved this trend as much as I did, keep a few things in mind. One, you have to wear the print, don’t let it wear you! Confidence is key here. Two, since there are a lot of things at play here, (color, the overall print), don’t let one dominate the other.
Wanna rock a frock with lots of bright colors? Make sure the size of the print isn’t too big. Last, if you want to mix and match prints (this is good if you have some experience with the trend), stick to pieces that are in the same color palette. It keeps everything cohesive. For first timers, pair a bold piece with something solid, you’ll get the same look while not feeling overwhelmed or uncertain of your pairing.
Aside from bold prints, what trend can you not wait to rock?
Photo Credit: Vogue
Shop Geo Graphic: 1. Top / 2. Pants / 3. Heels
Shop Eye Print: 1. Top / 2. Scarf / 3. Flats
Shop Butterfly Print: 1. Sweater / 2. Clutch / 3. Flats