There’s nothing better than taking in some holiday cheer with your little one.  Add the smell of fresh cut pine and a fur coat (relax, its faux) and you are about to cry out the lyrics to “Silent Night.”
But outside of the perfect setting, I have to admit I am feeling a bit weepy this Christmas at the major milestones my little Zelda has made and this site, Glitter and Bubbles.  As my muse, I couldn’t be more inspired and from the ever growing Mom’s Crew (seriously, these new friends have changed my views on sisterhood), I couldn’t be more grateful.
Thank you for your ongoing support and for making this year, and holiday season, one of the most memorable yet!corri-and-zeldazelda-christmaszelda-santazelda-rainzelda-smiles

Photo Credit: Hallie Duesenberg

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