Get ready for cuteness overload. These melted snowmen sugar cookies will melt your heart and fill your tummy! To make them you need ready-to-bake sugar cookies, vanilla frosting, mini marshmallows, black icing in a tube, red and green pearl sprinkles, and orange sprinkles. ingredients Bake the cookies according the directions on the package. Once the cookies have cooled, frost the tops with vanilla frosting. Place three pearl sprinkles on the cookie, starting from the top middle (these will be his buttons). Next, using the black frosting in a tube, create little stick arms on both sides of the buttons. melted-snowman-cookies Dot the mini marshmallow with the black frosting to make his eyes and place an orange sprinkle in the center of the marshmallow to create his nose. Place his head right above the first button and admire your cute creation! melted-snowmen-cookies