As a new parent you quickly learn that meal times are pretty messy points in your day, and when your little one needs to eat, they need to eat NOW! You learn the best way to go about your day to day, and mealtime is no different.
After I had Zelda I quickly fell in love with Munchkin products, and that intensified once she moved onto to eating fruits and veggies. They have some truly great products that make feeding your babe so much easier, and even a little more mess free! Read on for some of my favorites, and thank me later!

1. White Hot Infant Spoons – 4 Pack ($5): These spoons take the guesswork out of whether or not your little one’s food is too hot for them! All you have to do is dip the tip of the spoon into the baby food you just warmed up, and if the tip changes to white, you need to wait for it to cool down before your babe eats it!

2. Drink Box Carrier ($4):  So we’re not there yet, but I can just see myself handing Zelda a juice box, her squeezing it and juice squirting everywhere! If this scenario sounds familiar to you, this drink box carrier might help. Just put their favorite juice box into the holder, and your babe can hold onto the handles, not the juice box itself. Sticky mess averted!

3. Click Lock Bento Set ($9): I love bento boxes, they’re perfect for transporting meals for your little one on the go. I love how this one has removable containers (and does a great job of keeping the food separate), and comes with a fork and a spoon. And you’ll know when you’ve got it shut tight, because you’ll hear it click shut. No more finding the broccoli at the bottom of your bag! Sorry kids.

4. Car Warmer ($12): This is great for when you’re just trying to get to and from the grocery store, or even road trips to the grandparents’ house. This lets you warm up your babe’s food when you’re on the go, just plug it into your car’s adapter outlet, wrap the heating band around the bottle or jar and in a few minutes you’ll be set. It’ll fit into most cup holders, and when you take out the food, a safety switch automatically shuts it off.

5. Fold N’ Go Travel Booster ($29): This travel booster is great to have in your stash for when the day takes you places that may not be the most baby friendly. This seat give your little one a strong, sturdy and most importantly safe place to sit. It’s got a built in safety harness, easy to clean up and will fit into an overnight bag.

6. Click Lock Food Pouch Spoons – 2 Pack ($4.50):  Zelda does love those baby food pouches, but I don’t love how they seem to get everywhere. This spoon tip locks onto the pouch, and just the right amount comes out into the spoon, not the entire contents of the pouch! The spoon tips also have lids, so you can pop that on if your little doesn’t finish the whole pouch in that sitting.