mary-gbYou can find Mary Boyden munching on pizza watching retro Care Bears with her two little girls, on a coffee shop date with her husband, or pulling an all-nighter in her studio (probably while consuming an unhealthy amount of chocolate!). Mary has been a wedding photographer, jewelry designer, web-designer, graphic designer and journalist – all which have all led her to her dream gig as the founder & editor of Momma Bear Magazine.
Momma Bear Magazine is a bi-annual publication that brings focus to the joy and beauty of motherhood! It was born both out of her personal insecurities as a woman and her desperate need for hope that being a mom was in fact going to be *gasp* cool.
Mary claims, “This is me saying YOU are worth the time, effort, money and resources that go into making an amazing product. YOU momma, are worth every penny and second of my time. I make Momma Bear during naptime and after bedtime alongside my amazing team of women around the world to make this beautiful thing a reality. Because you deserve it, mom. You really do!”
If you haven’t discovered Momma Bear Magazine, you can explore the publication here. We love seeing a magazine just for mamas out there! Follow her adventures on Instagram @maryboyden and @mommabearmag.
Little’s Names & Ages: Whimsy Bliss (two years old) and Glory Jane (one month).
Top Beauty Product You Must Have as a Mom: L’Oreal Paris Lock It Clean Style Gel is by far the best gel I have ever used. My hair is really coarse and usually super poufy and hard to contain, but this stuff truly works its magic and literally locks my hair in place. It makes my hair look good right out of the shower and lasts for days.
Favorite Lipstick Color: Ha! Well, it depends on the color of my hair — which I change often. When I’m a brunette, my favorite is this bright red Nyx matte lipstick, but when my hair is blue or green I really love this shade of pink.
Top 3 Pieces of Baby Gear: Ergo carrier for sure! I wear it daily. My Kelly Moore + Beautiful Mess diaper bag for daily errands and photo shoots (it doubles as a padded camera bag!). And my striped tote, which I use on the go for all the extra stuff I need for the kids that don’t fit or aren’t needed in my daily diaper bag (little lunches, extra clothes, extra extra diapers, etc).
Favorite Kids Clothing Brand: Candy Kirby Designs.

Activity You Love to do With Your Littles:
My daughter and I have a big mural in her room we paint together. It’s so sweet that she and I have a love for art in common. It’s wonderful.
Your Secret Obsession When You Get an Hour to Yourself: Baking cookies! I’m surprisingly really good at it, if I do say so myself. It’s nice to have a creative outlet that isn’t business related. And the payoff of delicious cookies will never get old.
Closet Staple That You Can’t Live Without: Black high-waisted leggings! They look good dressed up or down.
Favorite Recipe: Lately I’ve been loving roasting veggies. Click here to get the recipe.