Mara Menachem is the stylish mama behind Haute Drop-Off, a blog that she started to showcase her own great style and that of moms who rock their own unique looks out, about and in the school drop off line. Mara describes her voice as, “self-effacing, authentic, funny and off beat,” —  a perfect combination if you ask us!
Out and about was where Zelda and I met her, specifically at the Duck Derby in Aspen a few months ago. She’s hilarious and has a terrific sense of style that is uniquely her own. Mara has always been a fan of street style and cites Bill Cunningham’s work as a source of major inspiration, also drawing influence from former home bases NYC and Miami. We can’t wait to see what sartorial effect her new residence in San Francisco has! As if blogging and two boys weren’t enough to keep her busy, Mara also writes for The Huffington Post. You go mama!
This is a Rad Mom post by Glitter and Bubbles featuring Mara Menachem.
Little’s Names & Ages: Neal & Liam, 10 & 12 years old.
Tell Us About Haute Drop-Off: Haute Drop-Off is pure street fashion inspiration. I started Haute Drop-Off after noticing the amazing style at school drop-off. I wanted to document the amazingness and give props to parents who managed to still look incredible after negotiating the kid morning routine. Now, I take “paparazzi like” photos of cool looking parents with their kids. My down-to-earth approach to fashion is seen through these photographs — taking inspiration from Bill Cunningham, the late master of street fashion.
Give Us a Glimpse Into an Average Day: I juggle writing, photographing, styling and being a terrible chef, an okay chauffeur and a pretty impressive roadie for an all-boys group — my kids! Daily, I pull over, run after and stalk parents on the street that look cool. I call my mom every morning (and noon and night) to discuss the boring minutia of my day, do a spinning class, edit, blog, volunteer for school, have multiple bouts with anxiety, which is helped by my husband, friends, brothers and mom. At about noon, I usually end up talking to a random stranger at the library or a coffee shop where I write, or anywhere for that matter, and realize my only accomplishment has been socializing.
By the afternoon, I always have one Larry David ridiculously comedic situation, like getting into a fight with a man who accuses me of double parking or slipping across a grocery store floor in front of a group of the coolest hipsters. I have horrible time management skills and like new experiences…so my days don’t look identical, and after writing this, I realize I may need some structure. I do drink lemon water every morning and hang upside down for three minutes a day — according to my yogi friends it does a lot of good stuff.
This is a Rad Mom post by Glitter and Bubbles featuring Mara Menachem.
Top Beauty Product You Must Have as a Mom: Treat Lip Balm, Retin-A, Oil- Beauty Counter has amazing ones and coconut oil, I grease myself from head to toe.
Favorite Heirloom You Have for Your Child: One of my boys sleeps in my dad’s old pajamas, he died when I was a teenager and it makes me laugh to see him in this weird matching adult pajama outfit with lots of holes.
Top 3 Pieces of Kids Gear You Can’t Live Without: Water bottles that don’t leak, soccer balls and drum sticks.
If You Had A $1000 To Spend on Yourself What Item Would You Buy: A super charged karaoke machine.
Activity You Love to Do With Your Kids: Dance parties, singing, late night dessert outings, playing card games, hang man…just being spontaneous, because that’s the mom they got.
Your Secret Obsession When You Get an Hour to Yourself: I love reading Psychology Today, so I can diagnose all my neurosis and singing, which I can do all day long.
Closet Staple That You Can’t Live Without: My vintage 1971 Coach Bag from Barney’s, re-furbished with added fringe, it’s so 70’s and so darn cool!! And my acid wash jean jacket, that is falling apart — I wear it so much, it’s embarrassing.
Your Favorite Snack or Dessert Recipe to Make for Your Family: This may not count, but I “make” great brie hors d’oeuvres. Click here to get the recipe.