Have you been on the search for the perfect kids’ birthday party activity but have no idea what it is or where to start? This is where Make to Celebrate comes in. Last year for Zelda’s Lisa Frank Beach Bash we knew we wanted to do some type of DIY but had no idea what to do. (And honestly, I didn’t want to be in charge of setting it up.) Thankfully, I found Kate from Make to Celebrate and she did all the legwork for me – including thinking of the idea. At the beach bash she had the kids make Glitter Dream Wish Bottles. They all loved it because they got to play and make a mess with glitter, beads and water. You know, all those things that terrify you as a parent because you dread the clean up. Guess what? There is no clean up because Kate takes care of it all!
We knew we had to have her back for ZELCHELLA this year and without fail she came up with another stellar activity for the kids. They made Dream Catcher Necklaces and have continued to wear them outside of the party because they are so cool. I absolutely love this because with Make to Celebrate you don’t have to worry about putting together a treat bag for the kids to take home at the end of the party. They get to leave with a super dreamy Make to Celebrate takeaway. If you’re in search for the perfect activity and you want to wow the kids (and even the parents), look no further because Kate is your girl.

Zelda’s Third Birthday

A party DIY with Make to Celebrate. Make to Celebrate bracelet DIY.How to make a bracelet DIY with Make to Celebrate.An easy DIY with Make to Celebrate at a girls birthday party. Kids making a bracelet DIY.

Zelda’s Fried Zoe Wearing Her Dream Catcher Necklace on the First Day of School

Zelda's friend Zoe wearing a dream catcher necklace.

Zelda’s Second Birthday Party

A sensory bottle with Make to Celebrate. Make to CelebrateMake to Celebrate beads for a DIY. How to make a sensory bottle for a Make to Celebrate DIY.Zelda making a Make to Celebrate DIY.