Let’s talk about feeding our kids because it is challenging work. I remember when I found out I was pregnant I thought to myself, “OMG. I don’t know how to cook that well. How will I ever feed my child?”. However, like with everything else parenting related, I figured it out. Feeding Zelda can be a bit of pain point because I want to be sure I’m fair to her palate and that I’m conscious of what is going into her tiny little tummy.
If you read my post about eggs a few weeks ago, you know that ingredients can be terrifying. With all this food knowledge I am always questioning myself on whether I’m feeding her correctly. I recently stumbled upon a meal service for kids called Wise Apple and was pleasantly surprised to find the food is so delicious that it could be for mom too. (I snack from Zelda’s lunches quite often!)
Wise Apple back to school lunches delivery to your door.
Every pre-made meal comes perfectly packaged, which makes it easy to pull out of the fridge and stick in a lunch box. When ready, your child peels the plastic lid off and everything is ready to eat! You can literally bring this anywhere. Inside you’ll find a lunch made with responsibly sourced ingredients. Each meal is GMO free, preservative free and peanut free with limited amounts of sugar and sodium. Wise Apple also uses organic and antibiotic free ingredients whenever possible.
Basically, they are doing all the work for you! If your child has an allergy, they also work with companies like Banza and Sunbutter to provide allergen friendly options, which is a huge plus. I have a few friends that have children with allergies and my heart goes out to them because it is a constant battle that requires a ton of work.
A healthy Wise Apple lunch delivered to your door.
When you login to your account, you can opt to have Wise Apple select your meals or you can customize each lunch. This is ideal if you have a picky eater because you can ensure that everything is to their liking. After all, can your picky eater really survive on a butter noodle diet forever? Maybe, but it is good to change things up! The website is very easy to navigate and along with the ability to customize each meal, you can also choose to skip weeks if you’re traveling or have other lunch plans for your babe. This program really works with your life which is key because some of these other pre-made meal services can be a lot of work.
A toddler cuts Wise Apple apple slices.
When Wise Apple arrives, you’ll notice each lunch is packaged into four individual pods. Since each pod can be popped out, it’s easy to take a portion of the lunch as a snack (which is what I’m obsessed with!). Zelda doesn’t always sit down and eat a full meal and because each portion is individually covered, I don’t have to worry about wasting food. Depending on how your child eats this is a huge plus. The entire container is recyclable so your babe can throw it in the bin when they are done! It’s also easy to keep and reuse – ours are currently housing paint and other art supplies.
Eating Wise Apple deliverable lunches.
Moms, trust me! This is one hack that you want to work into your life. You will be forever thankful when you don’t have that hectic morning where you’re scrambling to prep a school lunch or mid-afternoon meltdown over what you’re going to feed your little babe. Their meal will be ready in the fridge waiting for you! The best part is that this service doesn’t break the bank. I guarantee it is most likely less than what you are currently spending every day.
Back to School with Wise Apple lunches.
I’ve never seen Zelda pose like this before but she was so proud of her Wise Apple lunch box and its contents. Be sure to check it out because we love it! If you’re interested, you can also take $20 off your first week when you enter the code GLITTER at check out. As another bonus, I’m giving away two weeks’ worth of FREE lunches over on my Instagram. Go enter now!
An adorable back to school toddler outfit with a plaid skirt and a kitty top.
Back to school Wise Apple lunch bag.

Photos by Hallie Duesenberg

Lots of love to Wise Apple for sponsoring this post! It is partners like this that make documenting our journey possible.