Valentine’s Day is in less than 24-hours away and if you haven’t done anything, don’t worry because most people haven’t either. The beautiful thing about Valentine’s Day is that it is a day about celebrating love. It doesn’t matter who you’re celebrating – it could be your partner, your children, a teacher, a crossing guard or simply yourself. You can celebrate with flowers, chocolates, glitter or whatever you want. When you really think about it, Valentine’s Day is a beautiful holiday. As we get older, it’s easy to let Valentine’s Day fly under the radar. However, when you have children, you can create a new tradition.
Think back to when you were a child, do you remember those Valentine’s Day parties at school? We would make mailboxes to receive valentines, read them and eat candy. It was a beautiful day and I’ve come up with three important ways to give Valentine’s Day more love.
How to make homemade love notes for Valentine's Day.How to make valentines for your family.How to make Valentines at home.

DIY Your Valentines

Instead of going for the quick, easy and traditional boxed valentines, create something special that will make those on the receiving end feel loved. We all know the feeling we get when we receive a handmade card – it’s not something you throw away because it makes you feel all lit up inside knowing that person made it just for you. Zelda and I went to Target and for less than $20 were able to create these mini works of art (thank you $1 bin!). We know everyone will be excited to receive them.
Making mother daughter Valentine's Day love notes.Polaroid valentines for Valentine's Day love notes.Glitter and love notes for Valentine's Day.A table full of Valentine's Day DIYs.

Talking About and Creating Inclusion

As your child makes these valentines, take the time to discuss what special qualities the person they are making it for possesses. Whether it is a grandparent or a classmate, ask them what their favorite memory with them is or why they enjoy their company. This is an effective way to encourage positive thinking. It’s important to help them identify qualities they may not have thought of on their own. Developing these thoughts is an extremely important learning opportunity.
Crafts for Valentine's Day.A toddler in a plaid shirt making valentines at home.Paper valentines using love supplies from Target.

Embrace Love

For some people, Valentine’s Day is viewed as negative (especially as we get older). Maybe you don’t have a partner, or you had a terrible experience — no matter what it is, sometimes life starts to get in the way and things skew our perception. Take this opportunity to discuss what you love and what your child loves. Really accentuate the LOVE aspect of things – go totally overboard, who cares? Buy hundreds of balloons, decorate everything and make it a special day. When you create those moments with your child they stay with them forever. In a sometimes-harsh society, why not take 24 hours to talk about everything you love in your life?
Photos by Hallie Duesenberg