A new study was conducted that revealed 78% of adult women were more confident as children when it came to their fashion sense. Up until the age of 10 they wore what made them happy and didn’t conform to fashion rules or get hung up on body image issues. Psychologist Tom Lloyd shared, “Children get excited about putting outfits together, as they base them on the ‘fun’ things that make them happy such as fabrics, colors, prints and shapes. They don’t consider body hang-ups.” To empower women and give them more fashion confidence, Long Tall Sally launched the #StyleHasNoRules campaign where customers, ages 23-47 (sizes 8-16) were secretly styled by children.
Long Tall Sally Style Has No Rules
These little stylists were six to eight years old and each selected an outfit for one of the women. “The children all jumped in right away and had so much fun putting the different outfits together,” said Camilla Treharne, Creative Director of Long Tall Sally. “One of the girls commented that she chose a polka dot dress for her model because ‘dots make me happy, and I want my lady to be happy.’ This perfectly sums up why we created the campaign: we don’t want women to find it daunting getting dressed; we want to remind them to have fun with fashion and feel confident with their own style.”
Little Stylists at Long Tall Sally
The women were totally flabbergasted when they found out who their stylists were. One customer shared, “This has completely changed how I feel about fashion. I love this outfit, but I would never have put it together myself. Sometimes it takes someone to push you out of your comfort zone to help you feel more confident.”
After the success of this campaign, LTS turned to Zelda and asked her if she could style an outfit for me. They sent over a lookbook, I cut up each piece and laid them out on a board for her. I was amazed at how quickly she took to the project and how excited she was about making selections. Zelda’s motto? All pink everything! This outfit is a more feminine look for me and breaks away from my traditional black, but as soon as I put it on I felt refreshed and ready for spring!

It’s something I would have never selected for myself and I was astounded that it was a perfect fit for my style. It’s incredible that my two-year-old could broaden my fashion horizons. Mamas, I challenge you to allow your child to style your outfit one day as a fun experiment. Who knows, you might have a tiny Kate Young or little Brandon Maxwell living in your house and not even know it!
A pastel pink ensemble from Long Tall Sally.Corri McFadden and Zelda Long Tall Sally.Pastel pink spring mother daughter fashion. A pleated pink midi skirt from Long Tall Sally. A pastel pink springtime outfit from Long Tall Sally. Corri McFadden and Zelda playing in the park in pastel pink outfits.A mother daughter duo walking through the park.

Photos by LTS & Hallie Duesenberg

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