Let’s rewind to just about a year ago, shortly after Zelda had joined us. Before she was born I knew I wanted to have newborn photos taken to capture the magic of her first days with us, so I reached out to Hannah Drews. Within a week of Zelda’s entrance into the world Hannah came to my house, and only asked for a corner to get set up in. The whole thing was easy and stress free, just as it should be. Hannah arrives with everything she needs, that means the beanbag for the babe to lay on, a heater so your bundle stays warm and even tunes to complete the serene set-up.
While she’s working her magic, mom is free to take a minute for herself, whether that means spending a minute with your furbabies or jumping in the shower. You can see for yourself how beautiful the results are. I find myself looking at these images all the time, Zelda’s personality is very much present in them and it’s amazing to have captured it at the very beginning of her life as we watch her grow.