Okay friends, brace yourselves because I am about to share my best kept secret with you!  My girl Lauren Lichtenstein is the brilliant artist behind LO + CO, and she’s pumping out some of the dopest sneakers you will ever find.  A former attorney and make-up artist, this girl comes from a long lineage of artists in a variety of fields, so rad! Lauren also launched her new site today, way to go girl! Yes, you heard me right… my secret is out and you and your little can rock some new kicks for the summer.
Oh, and check this out — Lauren is also the Rad Mom of two littles, Omi and Mason. One day Lauren laid eyes on her daughter’s classic Converse and couldn’t help herself. From there LO + CO came to be!  She draws unique, edgy designs and customizes them too.  And these are not just for kids; she’s even been commissioned to do wedding shoes (how sick is that?!), bar and bat mitzvahs, birthday gifts…you name it, she has done it!
Lauren Lichtenstein is featured on Glitter and Bubbles as a Rad Mom.
Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune
And here’s the best part, Lauren does most of her work while chilling out with her littles. If that doesn’t sound like the dreamiest job ever, then check out her site and you will understand…it’s truly heavenly!
WAIT!  One more thing…we’re celebrating the launch of her site in a major way!  Head over to Lo + Co Custom Sneaks for a special 25% off custom Vans flash sale and then to our Instagram to enter to win a FREE pair of custom kicks!
Lauren Lichtenstein is featured on Glitter and Bubbles as a Rad Mom.
Illustration by The Unexpected Type
Little’s Names & Ages: Mason is 6 (boy) and Omi (girl) is 4 1/2 — her name is Naomi but no one calls her that.
Top Beauty Product You Must Have as a Mom: Before I had kids I was a make-up artist, so my must have products would have filled a book! As a mom, my routine has been pared down (to say the least).  I’m a product junkie so this question is like asking what I’d bring to a desert island!! Ok, since lashes are my favorite thing, I’m going with a MAC Eyelash Curler and Dior Iconic Overcurl Mascara.
Favorite Lipstick Color: My current fun summer color favorite is MAC’s Candy Yum Yum. My everyday is the Posey Gloss from Beauty Counter.
Top 3 Pieces of Kids Gear You Can’t Live Without: My kids are 4 and 6 so it definitely has to be stuff to keep them busy! I’m thinking Sculpey Clay, a baseball and a bat and Magna Tiles.
Favorite Art Supplies: For fun? Adult coloring books and extra sharp colored pencils in rainbow order!
Activity You Love To Do With Your Littles: Bake cupcakes with sprinkles.
Your Secret Obsession When You Get an Hour to Yourself: Houzz and Orange is the New Black. Preferably at the same time!
Closet Staple That You Can’t Live Without: Frame Rippy Jeans and the Tularosa Santa Fe Jacket!
Favorite Snack Recipe to Make for Your Littles: Homemade Granola (it’s sooo addictive). Click here to get the recipe.