I currently live in West Hollywood, California with my husband, Janne Kyttanen, our adorable little boy, Aiden, and a very vocal cat (especially at 5 in the morning), Xena.
My husband, Janne was born in Helsinki, Finland. He is considered a pioneer in design for 3D printing and is a successful entrepreneur. Janne and I met in 2010 when I moved from NYC to Amsterdam for my job. After spending a few years together traveling the world, we got engaged and decided to move to Los Angeles in 2014. This is when I decided to take the exciting leap from the corporate world into the unknown to pursue my creative passions and start my own business.
Laura Kyttanen
In October of 2015 we got married on the beach in Santa Barbara and then in August of 2016 we had our first child, Aiden.
Today I am a multi-sensorial brand consultant and lifestyle blogger giving you a taste of my life as a wife, mom, entrepreneur, health addict and resident of Los Angeles.
Tell Us About Your Blog: A close friend of mine and major public figure in the health and fitness area, Rebecca-Louise Smith, was the one who encouraged the blog. She thought it would be an effective way to share and inspire people to have a healthy pregnancy.
She felt this way because I would often have random people stop me on the street in awe of my pregnancy glow (that is what I call it). Strangers would literally tell me that I was their “pregnancy idol” and I would be speechless. I would often get the question, “What are your secrets?”
That is when I decided to give it a try. Even though I was super busy with several jobs, I committed to writing once a month. When I received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, I increased my entries to once a week. And soon I hope to write even more frequently. My passion is to inspire people across a variety of topics.
You’re a “Multi-Sensorial Brand Consultant”, Which Sounds Awesome! Tell Us What That Means:  After working in the flavor and fragrance industry for almost a decade, I became fascinated with the senses and how they have a strong influence on our behavior. Combining this with my background in psychology, I found a way to combine both interests. Today I am focused on how to create emotional connections with people and brands using our senses. Some people refer to this process as sensory marketing. This field has a lot of opportunity which makes it extremely exciting to me.
When You Were Pregnant You Blogged About Adapting Your Lifestyle into a Healthy Routine. Tell Us More: You used the word “lifestyle” and that is the answer! A lot of people approach being healthy for a moment in time. I look at it as a commitment for the long term. So, my healthy habits haven’t changed post pregnancy. I have a few blog posts about my nutrition program and philosophy for anyone interested in more details.
Overall, I try to maintain a plant based diet with a lot of protein, veggies, fruit and healthy grains. Oh, and don’t forget lots and lots of water! Also, I don’t deny myself indulgent pleasures, like donuts, but balance is essential.
The three things that help keep me on track are:
1. Scheduling a variety of exercise which interests me and holding myself to it.
2. Surrounding myself with likeminded people who are active and fit and will encourage me.
3. Making healthy choices more often than indulgent ones (for me, this means eating out less often)!
Glitter and Bubbles Rad Mom.
As I’m Sure You Know, Being a Working Mom is Tough Work. Most of the Time It Feels Like You’re Being Pulled in a Million Different Directions. You Keep From Losing Your Mind By:  Oh wow – great question! I am still working on it. I think I underestimated how much my life would change when I became a mom. Actually, I wrote a blog post about this, “A Mama’s Perspective on Dealing with Change.”
To summarize, I think as a new mom you run on auto-pilot when the baby first comes out. It isn’t until later that you realize, “Oh crap this is real and how am I going to do it all?” So, my freak out moment happened a few months later. After having a break down I learned a few things that have become my coping mechanisms:

  • Allow yourself time to go through the emotions. Basically, don’t rush the process. It is okay to feel sad, angry, confused, resentful or whatever! Don’t deny your emotions but in turn, don’t allow them to consume you for too long!
  • Find your tribe. These are the people who will help you, have your back and tell you, “You’re doing an excellent job!” Since I don’t have family nearby, a support system has become super valuable to me.
  • Find ways to have your “independence.” As a new mom, you may feel overwhelmed by the fact that you are now responsible for another life. Over time this can create anxiety that you will never get your life back, especially when you juggle work and mama life. The best advice I received was, “You probably won’t ever have your life back the same way as before. But that is ok. The trick is to find small ways to incorporate things in your day or week which will help you gain balance and move forward with your new life!”
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Forget worrying what people may think and go with what feels good to you.
  • Chaos is the new normal. Bills may be paid a few days late, laundry may be piling up, and you may forget to brush your teeth or might have to find a place to pump in the middle of a business meeting! It is all okay and you will get through it despite your house looking like a disaster and wearing your hair in a ponytail for a week straight!

Give Us a Glimpse Into An Average Day: I am an early riser so I try to get up before my son, Aiden to spend time organizing my day, drinking my breakfast shake and showering if possible. Once Aiden is up I usually have around an hour with him before the nanny arrives. I try to make sure I am as present as possible for him during this time. After the nanny takes over, it is “go time” on all my professional projects.
I try to accomplish the hardest (and not necessarily the most fun stuff) in the morning when I know I am at my best in terms of alertness and creativity. Then I will take a lunch break away from work and allow myself some educational time to read a book or get up to speed on current news. In the afternoon, I do more mundane tasks, like bookkeeping, planning social content, etc. At the end of the day after the nanny is gone, it is family time until Aiden goes to bed. After he is asleep I might do some more work or go to a fitness class. Some evenings I may even zone out watching a favorite series (I like to call this total down time).
Favorite Quote: There are so many. If I am to choose one which stands out in my life right now it would be the following:
Jack Canfield quote from Rad Mom Laura Kyttanen.
As an entrepreneur and a new mom, there are many hard days that can make you feel like a failure. Your mindset can really make such a difference in holding you back or pushing you forward. I like to see these moments as opportunities to grow and I really try to live my life without fear. I have seen fear hold people back from amazing opportunities!
Child’s Name & Age: Aiden Tyler Kyttanen, 10 months.
Glitter and Bubbles Rad Mom.
Top Beauty Product That Makes Mom Life Easier: The Herbalife Skincare Line. Not only is it super easy (the products are labeled steps 1 through 5…which my husband loves too), but it also gives me amazing results. For me, I’ve noticed more radiant skin, less break outs and a reduction in redness and wrinkles. It also comes in a convenient 7-day trial pack (which lasts longer) that I love to take with me on vacations.
Favorite Under the Radar Kids Brands: Gosh, I really can’t think of any under the radar brands right now. A few favorite items which have been amazing for his early years are the Baby Bjorn CarrierFisher Price Rainforest Jumparoo and the Amazon Echo. I’m not sure why, but Aiden loves when I talk to “Alexa”, especially to play lullabies during our bedtime routine.
If You Could Only Pack Three Items for a Weekend Away You Can’t Leave Home Without:

  • iPhone 7 to take notes on all my ideas.
  • Recently, I bought a multi-tasking maternity and nursing cardigan from goodbody goodmommy and I must say it is my new “must have” item, especially when traveling and breastfeeding. It is super comfy and chic!
  • Aiden and I have dry skin, so lotion is essential to keep our skin healthy and happy! I love Seventh Generation Coconut Care Moisture Lotion – it smells amazing, is light weight and is good for baby and me.

Dream Destination for Vacation: Anywhere warm and by the ocean! I guess next on my list would be something fun for the whole family like a Disney Cruise in the Caribbean!
Activity You Love to do With Your Babe: Swimming lessons. I started Aiden when he was about 6 months and it was the best decision ever! It is a bonding moment because I swam competitively growing up so it gives me joy seeing him love it too!
Your Secret Obsession When You Get an Hour to Yourself: It’s a tossup between binge watching a series (currently the “The Americans”) or getting my nails done.
Closet Staple You Can’t Live Without: Currently, it would be a LWD (little white dress)!  There is just something about white that is so beautiful, especially in the summer time.
Your Favorite Recipe That Your Crew Flips Over: It is super simple and healthy but everyone loves my Watermelon Salad! The flavors make your mouth happy and it can be served as a starter or a side.
Watermelon salad with pistachios and cheese.