Everyone’s been there, you get a last minute Halloween party invite and don’t have a costume! I’ve come up with some fashionable costume ideas that you can put together easily. The best part? You’ll wear many of these pieces beyond the holiday.
To get Karl’s look, just throw on a black blazer over a white button up (you probably already have this in your closet!), add a black tie and gloves and you’re set!
Blazer / Tie / Gloves
Add the finishing touches to your Karl Lagerfeld costume with this Karl Who? DIY tote. It’s perfect if you’re on the hunt for that last minute costume, it only takes about 5 minutes, and it’s fun!  All you’ll need is a canvas tote, black acrylic paint, and a paint brush.  Just make sure you have enough room to space out your letters and start painting. You’ll look like Karl Lagerfeld in no time!
The key to nailing this look is staying true to Anna’s trademark accessories: a sleek bob, big sunglasses and a great fur coat. Bonus points if you have an old flip phone you can break out!
Sunglasses / Wig / Jacket / Heels
Keep it simple and chic to get Coco’s look. A great black dress, pearl accessories and a stylish hat will pull it all together.
Pearls / Hat / Dress
The long blonde wig is a must (it’s a key component of Donatella’s look!). Grab your favorite fitted black dress and a pair of tall black boots and you’re ready to walk out the door. Don’t forget to rock it with attitude!
Wig / Boots / Dress