Kim Wardell is the definition of a rad mompreneur (our word for Mom entrepreneurs). This mama created one amazing shop based off of her blog, DESIGN + LIFE + KIDS, and her shop DLK now focuses on her love for creative, clean design. This exclusive shop features local boutique designers and internationally adored brands. With each item being hand picked and approved by Kim’s two daughters, there is no doubt the DLK is a HIT in the shopping community.
This Rad Mom post by Glitter and Bubbles features Kim Wardell, the owner of Design Life Kids.
Photo Credit: Kim Wardell
We can’t get enough of these little placemats (amongst a ton of other items!). We’ll warn you, once you start browsing her site, it’s super difficult to stop.
This Rad Mom post by Glitter and Bubbles features Kim Wardell, the owner of Design Life Kids.
Little’s Names & Ages: Maya, 8 and Senna, 7

Top Beauty Product You Must Have as a Mom: Without a doubt, a black hair tie that I always have wrapped around my wrist. It’s for when I have to get into something and don’t want my hair flopping around. Then on a daily basis I use Beauty Counter Lustro Face Oil 1. It’s like magic. I’ve been lucky to have good skin for most of my life, but randomly a month ago I started breaking out around my eyes and nose… I use this oil daily after cleansing my face and it has been amazing for my skin. Then I use Loreal’s CC Cream in the morning to give my skin a clean, even tone.

Favorite Lipstick Color Balm: I’m minimal with makeup so I go natural on my lips, but I always use our French Girl Cosmetics Rose Lip Polish before bed and then our Kiyoko Lip Balm afterwards. This guarantees soft lips in the morning!

Top 3 Pieces Of Kids Gear: (1) Roller Skates – My girls are obsessed with skating and have a pair that they use in the house and then a pair strictly for outside. It keeps them occupied for hours. (2) Joki Hanging Nest Swing – We’ve had ours for 3-4 years now and not a day goes by that the girls aren’t swinging from it and finding some new way to love it. When I take it down to wash, they are constantly asking for it back! (3) 3-in-1 Recycled Bike – It’s genius, simple and I wish my kids were small enough for them still. It’s a versatile piece for kids from ages 1 and up, and it teaches them to ride without pedals, making them more confident for the day they move onto a big kid bike.

Favorite Kids Clothing Brand: I can’t even choose. I work with so many incredible designers right now and I honestly love them all! My girls have access to such talent and to see them wearing these designer’s dreams that have come to life… that’s the kind of thing that excites me. But if I had to start with one, we are big fans of Motoreta. And this Lucena Dress is one of our favorites right now.  Footwear though… we’re big on high-top Vans, low-top Converse and Dr. Martens over here.

Activity You Love To Do With Your Littles: Travel. We have the bug! I used to be scared to travel with them since I’m a single parent, but we’ve gone on some wonderful adventures and have made amazing memories together. I look forward to more and seeing the world with bright eyes.

Your Secret Obsession When You Get an Hour to Yourself: Girl Scout Cookies and Shark Tank. Okay, and Real Housewives of anything. Sometimes I need mindless TV to get my brain to rest at night, other times I love feeling the motivation from other entrepreneurs to keep me going during late night work sessions.

Closet Staple That You Can’t Live Without: Black leggings and a simple black dress. It’s my uniform, as I only wear all black, so my closet is filled with those things! It’s comfortable and can be dressed up at the same time.

Best Healthy Recipe You Eat Over and Over Again: Greek Quinoa Salad, click here to get the recipe.