We did A LOT over Spiro’s very first Father’s Day weekend, including spending some time at KeyLime Cove in Gurnee! We had the Monica & Andy Summer Fashion Show earlier in the day, so we arrived in the early afternoon, got changed and headed down to the pool. But Zelda had different plans for us!

We walked by the arcade on our way to the pool, and Zelda was completely captivated by the lights and sounds coming out of there! So of course, we obliged her. We put her on the submarine ride and she was obsessed, staying on for multiple rides (don’t worry, no one else was in line!). The claw fascinated her, and when we sat her down at the whack-a-mole, she would try and grab him so he wouldn’t disappear again!

After some time well spent in the arcade, we did in fact move to the pool, which was just as much fun. Zelda loves the water, so we just waded in the shallow end and had a little splash fight! It was a great way to spend our day, we all had a blast!