Katie Driscoll is many things, a photographer, a mama to six babes (!) and an advocate, all of which make her nothing short of amazing. Katie and her husband Tom have five boys (Liam, Patrick, Ryan, Sean and Colin) and a year after Colin, Grace their only girl was born! They learned that Grace had Down Syndrome, which ultimately led Katie to found Changing The Face of Beauty, a nonprofit that works to include those with disabilities in media. How incredible is that?! Their mission is spreading — they have been featured in Huffington PostPeople and many other publications.
This post by Glitter and Bubbles features Katie Driscoll, Changing the Face of Beauty Founder, as this week's Rad Mom.
Photo Credit: Katie Driscoll
In addition to furthering CTFOB, Katie is a spectacular photographer and blogs about her family’s journey. Titled 5 Boys and 1 Girl Make 6, her pictures expertly capture her subject’s raw beauty and their personalities. Her blog also does a wonderful job of showing her family’s day to day life, as well as the adventures and experiences they share together. Awhile back Zelda had the honor of being one of Katie’s subjects, alongside some super sweet babes where Katie shared her photo tips with us. Be sure to follow her family’s adventures on Instagram!
This post by Glitter and Bubbles features Katie Driscoll, Changing the Face of Beauty Founder, as this week's Rad Mom.
Illustration by The Unexpected Type
Little’s Names & Ages: Liam – 14 years old, Patrick – 12 years old, Ryan – 11 years old, Sean – 10 years old, Colin – 8 years old and Grace – 6 years old.
Top Beauty Product You Must Have as a Mom: Ahhhh I wish I had one! I love Nexus shampoo and conditioner. That is my mainstay everything else is come and go! I also love MAC Cosmetics!!
Favorite Camera for an Amateur Looking to Photograph Their Child: An iPhone, they are amazing and easy to use along with having great editing apps at your fingertips.
Top 3 Pieces of Baby or Kids Gear: 1. Hunter Boots – love them for boys and girls. 2. My iPhone – pictures and videos are so important to me.  I love being able to capture all our memories at the touch of my fingertips. 3. A Suburban- I could not survive without our durable car! It gets us everywhere.
Item You Would Buy If You Had A $1000 to Spend On Yourself: I would hire a personal trainer.  I am over 40 and taking care of myself is not as easy as it used to be!
Activity You Love to Do With Your Littles: I love road trips, going places and experiencing new things with them.
Your Secret Obsession When You Get an Hour to Yourself: I love TV, everything from reality TV, Fixer Upper, Scandal and catching up on Ellen. My days never slow down so a day to binge on that is awesome in my book!!
Closet Staple That You Can’t Live Without: Spanx. They are life changing
Favorite Dessert Recipe to Make for Your Littles: Sugar cookies! Click here to get the recipe.