I’m so excited about today’s post because it’s the first in a short series of home organization posts I’m putting together for you guys. I’ve always been into organization, but I think our move has just really put me into organization overdrive. The whole Marie Kondo movement probably helped, too. To kick off the series, I’m starting with one of my favorite organization hacks – jewelry storage!

Jewellery seems to be tricky for a lot of people. There are several different shapes involved and things get tangled easily, which only equals frustration.

Trust me, I get it. It can be a hot mess in a matter of necklaces. But, I have a solution for you! Ready for it?

All you need is one accessible drawer in your closet or bedroom and some handy dandy acrylic trays. I’m also going to share my five best tips for jewelry organization so you can do all of this yourself at home no problem!

Pinit game changer! The best advice for organizing jewelry.

What You’ll Need for Your Jewelry Organization System

First, you’ll want to take a count of what you have. This will help determine how many trays you’ll need to buy. Depending on how big/small your collection is, you might only need one tray or several.

There are two sizes of tray – small and large. Each size has four different variations, so depending on the size and shape of your jewelry, you’ll be able to find an option that will work perfectly. I have a combination of all the trays and prefer to only put one piece of jewelry in each section, so I use the smaller section ones for tiny earrings, daintier necklaces and bracelets, and then the larger ones for hoops and bigger, statement pieces.

To take advantage of the space in your drawer, all the trays are stackable. If you have multiple small trays in your drawer, simply stack them on top of one another to create more space. You can put your rings in one stack, earrings in another, etc. so you know exactly where everything is (see tip #2).

Pinit no more mess!

You can see in the photos, I also used these ring storage boxes. I had them previously and still liked how they functioned, so I decided to incorporate them into my new storage system in our Aspen house. If you prefer to hang some things or maybe keep your most-worn pieces in a separate place (more on that below), I love this premium acrylic chest for that.

OK, now that you have the 411 on the trays and an idea of how I used them, I want to break down a few jewelry tips I’ve learned over the years. These will help you organize everything in a way that’s functional and accessible, which is key!



we're obsessed!
5 Tips for Optimal Jewelry Organization
Keep your most worn items easily accessible.

We all have those pieces that are on heavy rotation in our jewelry collection. These are the ones you absolutely want to be the most accessible! I like to use the acrylic chest I mentioned above as my go-to place for everything I wear on a consistent basis. You can see the chest in the photos, which I keep on a shelf right above my jewelry drawer for easy access.

Group by style.

I briefly mentioned this above, but I highly recommend grouping your jewelry by style when setting up your drawer. The way I see it is, you’re more likely to wear different things when you have all your options grouped together. For example, if you’re looking for a ring to wear, you can find your ring stack or open your box and see all your rings right there. This way you’re not sifting through different trays looking for things endlessly…or making a mess in a hurry. Then you can do the same with necklaces, bracelets, brooches, etc.

Store necklaces individually, they WILL tangle!

I cannot stress this one enough. The chains will tangle, I promise you. Put one necklace in each section and it’ll save you tons of time (and headaches) trying to sort everything out. If you have a super fine or dainty chain, I recommend hanging those in the chest because they can kind of get lost within the section because they’re so small.

If you can’t see it you will NEVER wear it!

The biggest win of this organization system is it allows you to see and know where everything is. I have a pair of Chanel earrings that I love but never wore previously because they were tucked away in their original packaging. Save the important packaging you need, put it away and get that jewelry added to your new organization system! I honestly feel inspired looking at my collection seeing it all neatly organized in the pretty acrylic trays, which is how you should feel when picking out jewelry.


If you’re concerned about security and want there to be some kind of safeguard, you can easily add a lock on your drawer. This cabinet lock works beautifully and is very simple to install. If you need a little DIY tutorial on how to install it, I found this one super helpful. If installing locks isn’t your jam, hire a TaskRabbit for 30 minutes and you’re good to go. 


So easy and pretty, right?! All these products are from The Container Store or Amazon, are very affordable and work like a charm! Let me know if you have any questions and please share if you install one of these systems for your jewellery!