Winter is here—in case you haven’t noticed the frigid temperatures and snowfall. That means it’s time to pile on the layers and break out my warmest scarves and hats. Honestly, some of those accessories aren’t the cutest (warmth wins!) and dressing for the cold can get a little uninspiring when I don’t have a go-to accessory perfect for facing the cold.zelda-wears

When I came across this plain beanie, I knew exactly how I could take it to the next level with some of my broken jewelry and create a matching one for Zelda! A glam winter accessory for both of us? Definitely yes! Jeweled-BeanieMATERIALS

Beanie for the Mama

Mini Beanie for the Little

Broken Jewelry (Secret: H&M has the best clearance on chunky jewelry, with pieces around just $2-$3!)

Needle and ThreadBeanie-HatINSTRUCTIONS

1. Lay your beanies flat. Then remove any excess chain, jump rings or other findings from your jewelry. Place the pieces over your beanie to plan where you would like to sew them.

2. Thread your needle and sew the jewelry piece onto the beanie, making sure you sew around the whole piece—that way it will be secure on the hat as you head out the door (and so your little won’t end up pulling it off).

3. Tie off the thread securely and trim any excess.

sewing-diy-beanieThat’s it! Whoever said you couldn’t look amazing (and stylish!) in cold weather is definitely proven wrong here. Now you and your little have a rad winter accessory perfect for braving the cold.jeweled-beanie-diyzelda-snoopy