Jamie Chandlee was born and raised in Texas and today she’s a vibrant voice in Austin’s thriving tech community. Jamie is the CEO of Rank and Style, a website that helps you find the best of everything beauty, fashion and more. It’s a huge time saver, so you don’t get sucked into the Pinterest wormhole searching for your perfect product! Before Rank & Style, Jamie spent time opening Facebook’s Austin office, with a focus on the shopping and fashion sectors of the business.

Jamie and her husband Blake (who she met while at Facebook!) have two adorable little babes, Emerson and Maxwell. In addition to her fab family and career, Jamie and Blake also make time to give back. They founded the Chandlee Family Foundation to assist charities in their hometown, including their local children’s hospital. Keep reading to see how this mama makes it all work!

Jamie Chandlee is the owner and founder of Ranked & Styled.
Give Us the Rundown on Rank & Style: Rank & Style is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle centered media site. We publish data-driven top ten lists of the best products in categories ranging all the way from anti-aging serums to maternity jeans. What makes us unique is how our lists are cultivated: our algorithm methodically searches, aggregates and weighs publicly available data. Since our rankings are based on user reviews, best seller lists, editors’ picks, and blogger favorites, we love to get suggestions for new lists from our readers. We like to say we are halfway between BuzzFeed and Consumer Reports for women. No day looks the same at the office, so I have really had to master my ability to adapt to whatever comes my way each day!
Being a Working Mom is Tough Work. Most of the Time it Feels Like You’re Being Pulled in a Million Different Directions. What Do You Do to Make Sure You Don’t Lose Your Mind?! Sticking to a schedule as best as I can. Life can throw curve balls at me, but if I can schedule out my day, I can make sure I have enough time with my kids and that I’m there for all the memorable moments, which is really important to me.
Give Us a Glimpse into an Average Day: I try to wake up before my kids (I wake up really early) so that I can have coffee with my husband. Once my kids wake up it’s all hands-on deck! We get them dressed, dropped off at school, and then it’s full speed ahead. I head straight to the office and am usually in and out for meetings, whether it be for Rank & Style or charities we support in town. I am chairing the EASB Seton Gala this month, so it’s been more challenging to balance work and family with an additional responsibility. Nights are spent with my family relaxing and unwinding. We always have dinner together and then the kids are off to bed. We hit the pillow early in the Chandlee house because 6am comes quickly!
Favorite Quote: Facebook has a motto that will always stick with me. I wish I had lived by this earlier on in my career; I would’ve realized I had the entrepreneurial bug much sooner!
What would you do if you weren't afraid?
Little’s Names & Ages: Emerson (3) + Maxwell (1)
Top Beauty Product That Makes Mom Life Easier: Dry shampoo! I am always in a hurry in between getting the kids dressed and off to school, so this is definitely a must-have in the mornings.
Jamie Chandlee Rank and Style
Favorite Under the Radar Kids’ brands: Bitsy’s Brain food — it’s super healthy and my kids are obsessed. Beatrix NY — they have the cutest stuff!
If You Could Only Pack Three Items for a Weekend Away You Can’t Leave Without: Goyard Tote — it’s big enough to fit literally everything in there and I had it made with my daughters initials so I can hand it down to her one day! My Karen Walker sunnies — I wear them almost every day. They’re the perfect accessory for any outfit. Epionce moisturizer – it keeps my skin extra hydrated when traveling!
Dream Destination for Vacation: Marrakesh, Morocco.
Activity You Love to Do With Your Babes: Gymnastics and exploring NYC with them when we take our monthly visits!
Your Secret Obsession When You Get an Hour to Yourself: 100% bath. I take one every day and I am a bath product junkie. I always add in lavender oil which helps me relax and unwind after a long day.
Closet staple that you can’t live without: Frame jeans, they’re cool, on trend and flattering. I love that they can be dressed up or dressed down.
Favorite Summer Recipe That Your Crew Flips Over: Greek salsa — I love this recipe because it takes little to no time to make, the kids love it and it’s good for you. There really is no wrong way to make this. Definitely one of my go-to recipes!
Greek Salsa recipe