We have been on a search for the perfect kids bed that has a contemporary design aesthetic but is also functional.  We also can’t fight off our obsession with acrylic and bright colors.  Enter, this amazing Ikea hack that not only combines all of these loves but also comes with a price tag that leaves us with extra cash in our pocketbook.lucite-bed-hackSo, break out the drill and keep reading to learn how we helped this mom make her spirited toddler a bed that would even make interior decorators drool!


Ikea bed of your choice

1 sheet of acrylic cut to the size of the headboard portion of the bed that rises above the frame (1/8 inch thickness was used here)

1 sheet of acrylic cut to the footboard portion of the bed (1/8 inch thickness used here)

Heavy duty drill

Long screw

Washers to fit screwslucite-bed-materialsDIRECTIONS

1. Start by deciding on what size bed you want. Next, measure the footboard of the bed as well as the headboard of the bed. When measuring the headboard, make sure you start at the point where the headboard and bed frame intersect!

2. Then, choose your acrylic color. For our bed, we chose hot pink! It tied the room décor together and is so playful for a little girl.

3. After your color is set, you will need to take your measurements to a location that can cut acrylic. We recommend bringing the headboard and footboard piece along with the measurements as well. Have your pieces cut, and then bring ‘em on back to DIY HQ!lucite-bed-building4. Next, prep your nails by adding a washer flush to the nail head. This will ensure the nail doesn’t get too close to the acrylic when it gets drilled right through it. Use your drill to fasten the nail into the acrylic pieces over the corresponding bed parts. Make sure to leave the protective film on to avoid any scratches while you are moving the pieces around.  We used 6 nails on each piece: 1 in each of the four corners and an additional between two corners on the longer edges.bed-cornersbed-hack5. Next, assemble your bed according to the Ikea directions. We still advise to keep that protective film on!

And you’re done! Now you’ve got THE coolest new bed on the block that is truly a one of a kind piece (that has also saved you hundreds and hundreds of dollars!). Just add a couple accent pillows and top with your littles favorite plush characters.kids-lucite-bed