Your entryway is the first impression guests get of your home, yet it is easily the most forgotten space when it comes to décor. When we were moving into our home I was so concerned with getting the living room, dining room, office, kitchen, etc. furnished and decorated, that I hung a mirror in my entry space and called it good!
I am currently in the process of reclaiming this forlorn section of our home as an important space. As it turns out, no matter how big or small this area is, a few simple adjustments can have it looking like yours in no time!

Accent Tables/1/2     Wallpaper/1/2     Art/1/2     Gallery Wall/1/2     Mail Holder/1/2     Lighting/1/2     Storage Bench/1/2     Mirror/1/2     Bust/1/2     Wall Hook/1/2


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