As far as I’m concerned this can be breakfast or a dessert (it’s that delicious!). I especially loved this recipe because I’ve been experimenting cooking with different types of honey (check out my favorites below) and it gave me the chance to use my new yogurt maker, that’s right I said a yogurt maker! Since yogurt is pretty much part of my daily food regimen, this was an amazing find.
The ingredients for this recipe are super simple. You just need honey, granola, yogurt (greek or traditional), and your favorite fruits! I opted to use mostly berries but also included a few peach slices. If you want your parfait to be aesthetically pleasing I recommend using a clear glass so you can look at all of the beautiful layers. If you don’t care, any tall glass will do!
Start out by placing 2 tablespoons of yogurt in your glass and smooth over the surface. Next, place 2 tablespoons of granola over the layer of yogurt. Add two tablespoons of fruit. Drizzle honey (to taste) over the fruit. Repeat these steps until your glass is full. Ideally, your last layer should be yogurt so that you can sprinkle the top with granola. Enjoy!
As I said before, I’ve been experimenting with honey and these are some of my faves!