This adorable and super easy hopscotch DIY will provide your child with hours of entertainment! You need colored masking tape, scissors, and chalk (see how you can make your own here). Begin by creating a 6×6 box with masking tape. hopskotch-square-one Next, on top of the box you just created, make a 12×12 box. hopskotch-masking-tape Place a piece of tape through the center of the 12×12 box, this will give you two squares. double-hopskotch-square Repeat this process as many times as you desire. Just make sure the last box you make is a single 6×6 square. Use a different colored masking tape for the final box, this will make your little one feel special when they reach the top! final-hopskotch-square Using the chalk, fill in each box with its corresponding number. hopskotch-numbers Play with this fun creation for weeks! hopskotch-board