Sometimes going to the nail salon just doesn’t happen. Instead of walking around with un-manicured hands, I’ve found 4 items that will save your digits. You won’t be struggling to create your manicure at home any longer! Do you have an at-home manicure tip? I’d love to hear it! Just comment below to get the conversation started.
Prepping your nails before painting them is an essential step. The 4-Way Buffer Block takes care of shaping, contouring, and smoothing, all with one tool! If you’re looking for something that allows you to do a little more, the Red Carpet Accessories Kit is the way to go. It includes a cuticle pusher, buffer tabs, an emery board, and nail polish wipes. Your nails will be nail polish ready in no time!
Once your nails are prepped it’s time to paint. This is where it can get a little scary for some people (myself included!).  Say hello to the Red Carpet Manicure Pro 45 Starter Kit. Using LED Gel polish, along with other items in this system, you will get a beautiful manicure in minutes that lasts for weeks! It doesn’t get much easier than this.
This step is all about unleashing your creativity. The Red Carpet Nail Art Tool Kit includes all of the brushes you need to create catwalk inspired nail art. Just dip your brush into your nail polish and let your creative side take over! Another great nail art option is the Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pen. This fine tip pen allows you to draw right on your nail, and wipes away easily if you make a mistake!
Not into steps 1-3? Skip them all and cut straight to Sally Hansen Salon Effects Reverse Manicure Strips. You just peel and apply, no need to worry about dry time!